One of the traditional culinary delights from Indonesia is Tumpang Koyor. Tumpang Koyor is an Indonesian cuisine originating from the Salatiga area, Central Java Province. This traditional food has a simple appearance with a brownish yellow color. But, behind the opaque color there is a blend of savory, spicy, slightly sour taste, with a soft texture. One meal, can be addictive.

The main ingredient that gives a unique taste is semangit tempeh, which is tempeh that has been fermented to an advanced stage for up to two to three days. Among Javanese people, such tempe is often called bosok or rotten tempe. The other main ingredients are tetelan and koyor meat, aka tukung.

Traditional specialties with simple seasonings such as shallots, garlic, kencur, lime leaves, salam, galangal, and chilies, then mixed with coconut milk. It is called tumpang because when it is cooked, it uses a cauldron that is placed on the stove for at least two hours. The term overlapping of sambal tumpang is also synonymous with chili sauce made from semangit tempe.

The initial preparation of this traditional food begins with boiling the beef stick and bay leaves until soft, remove and drain, boil fresh tempeh, rotten tempeh. Add shallots, garlic, red chilies, kencur, bay leaves, fresh lime leaves, and galangal that have been crushed to a boil, turn off the heat, mash the shallots, garlic, red chilies, kencur, lime leaves, also puree fresh tempeh and tempeh. rotten (level of fineness or slightly coarse according to taste) put it back into the cooking water earlier. Add the coconut milk, stir until blended, can add the whole red chili, season with sugar, salt and powder broth, stir well.

This traditional food is very easy to find in local food stalls in Salatiga City. Many stalls sell them. So, are you interested in eating Tumpang Koyor? Come on, get interesting information from


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