Maybe you only know that the culture of the Indonesian people is only Javanese culture. Indonesia is an archipelago that is multicultural and consists of many ethnic groups.

One of the ethnic groups in Indonesia besides Java is Toraja. For those of you, a man who is not an Indonesian citizen who will have a wife of an Indonesian citizen, especially those of a Toraja ethnicity, must understand better how to propose to his lover for marriage.

In the Toraja tribe, there are several customary requirements that a man needs to fulfill. Some of the requirements for marrying an Indonesian woman with a Torajan ethnicity are traditionally 7 important steps.

Some of the steps in marrying a Toraja woman who have been summarize as follows:

1. Betel lime

The first step that you must fulfill before applying for a Toraja girl is to bring betel lime. In Toraja custom, betel lime is indeed one of the things that should not be forgotten. This betel lime should not be arbitrary, bro. The betel leaf veins must be sure to stick together. You see, the betel leaf veins that unite indicate the union of the two big families.

2. Rice

The next step you must prepare if you want to apply for a Toraja girl is rice. This staple food is a mandatory requirement in applying for marriage in the Toraja tradition because rice is a symbol of fertility and fortune in the Toraja people.

3. Vegetables and tubers

Third, the conditions that must be met to apply for an Indonesian woman with Toraja ethnicity are vegetables and tubers. This must be brought when you are applying for a Toraja woman. Why? Because saur mayur and tubers are blessings in the form of gifts from those in power.

4. Old coins

The next thing that must be fulfilled when applying for a Toraja girl is old coins. Why does it have to be old coins? Because old coins indicate that you intend to marry along with all parts of your life, including your ancestors, which in this case is symbolized in old coins.

5. Parang and Toraja traditional costumes

Just like in other customs, the next conditions that you must fulfill to apply for Toraja girls are machetes and traditional costumes. Bringing a machete or special weapon and traditional costume when applying indicates that you have great respect for the ancestors and local traditions of the Toraja tribe.

6. Cake and typical Toraja cuisine

Not much different from customs or requirements to apply to other parts of Indonesia, when you are applying for a Toraja girl, don’t forget to also bring gifts in the form of cakes and special dishes.

Examples are brown rice, then food wrapped in bamboo such as Pa’Piong Manuk or Dangkot, Pokon, Kririk, Deppa Tori, sticky rice in bamboo and many more.

7. Buffalo

Finally, the conditions that you must fulfill before applying for a Toraja girl are buffalo. You could say, buffalo in Toraja custom is a symbol of social status. The higher the social status of the girl you are applying for, bro, the more buffalo you need to submit to get the blessing of her parents.

Reportedly, women in the puang or upper class are required to surrender 1 to 12 buffalo. Then for women in the Tumakaka group, they are obliged to submit 1 to 3 buffaloes and only 1 for slave women.

Even though the tradition of proposing is very unique, the Toraja people have a strong kinship. Come on, get other interesting information from and stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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