Tongkol fish atom crackers are fish crackers typical of Anambas Islands Regency which are made from the basic ingredients of Tongkol fish. Small round shape and brownish in color. This food is very tasty so it is suitable to be eaten as a friend to watch TV or as a complement to eating rice or soup or instant noodles.

These typical Anambas atom crackers have been scattered in several cities in the archipelago provinces. This typical snack food from Anambas district has a delicious and crunchy taste, apparently fish crackers also have added value in the form of nutrients needed by the body. Protein and carbohydrates, which are important substances for health, dominate this fish processed product.

In addition, fish crackers still contain other nutrients such as vitamins (A and B1), minerals (phosphorus, calcium, iron), and fat. These substances are mostly sourced from fish, which are classified as food products with high nutritional content.

The ingredients for making tongkol fish atom crackers are tongkol that has been mashed, sago flour, chicken eggs, sugar, salt, baking soda, water and flavorings. Tongkol fish used are selected fish with fresh quality from the fishermen of Anambas Islands Regency.

This typical snack food from Anambas Islands Regency is packaged in a neat and attractive plastic package. To buy Tongkol fish atom crackers are very much sold in the Tarempa and Letung areas and the prices are very varied. So are you interested in trying to eat Tongkol Fish Cracker? Come on, take a trip to Indonesia after this pandemic outbreak ends.