Indonesia has a variety of traditional drinks. As well as cendol ice, Indonesia also has other traditional drinks. One of the traditional drinks from Indonesia is Toge penyabungan. Toge Penyabungan is a traditional drink from North Sumatra, especially in the South Tapanuli Regency. Toge Panyabungan looks almost like mixed ice or cendol ice in general.

If you pay attention to this traditional drink, it has characteristics such as using coconut milk, liquid brown sugar, cendol, red sticky rice, sticky rice, tape, candil, and lupis. This traditional drink is very delicious to eat.

Making toge panyabungan is quite long. The ingredients in the form of pulut, black sticky rice are prepared to be steamed to become lupis. Do not miss the dough to be rounded into candil porridge, as well as the rice flour dough which is given pandan leaf extraction to be made into cendol.

Mostly, panyabungan toge traders still maintain the traditional processing of raw materials in firewood stoves. Then the mixture of white pulut, black sticky rice, round candil and cooked cendol spiked with coconut milk and palm sugar.

Toge Panyabungan can be enjoyed by adding ice for those who like cold drinks. But without ice, the taste is still delicious as a delicious traditional culinary menu. Even though the name is toge panyabungan, this traditional drink is very popular in the province of North Sumatra.

To enjoy a portion of toge pensibungan it is guaranteed not to drain the bag, the price for a bowl of panyabungan toge is only sold for around Rp. 5,000-10,000. Besides being refreshing, enjoying toge panyabungan can fill your hungry stomach. So, are you interested in trying out traditional Indonesian culinary delights? Come on, keep up with the information from


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