In Indonesia, many types of cakes are found. Apart from having a variety of cakes, Indonesia has a traditional cake originating from Aceh, namely Kue Timpan.

Timpan cake is a wet cake made from the basic ingredients of sticky rice and plantain. In it there are usually various filling variants such as grated coconut or srikaya. This timpan cake is one of the most famous traditional foods in Aceh, and is often served as the main menu during holidays.

One of the uniqueness of this Timpan Cake is the ingredient which is made from a mixture of sticky rice and banana. The combination of these two ingredients will certainly produce a unique and very distinctive blend of flavors. Besides that, it is supported by the contents of the cake made from grated coconut or srikaya, which certainly makes this one food even more special.

In the process of making Timpan Cakes, the ingredients used are banana which is used is plantain, because it has a smooth texture and a strong aroma. As for the contents of Timpan Cake it can be made from grated coconut, banana, or sugar apple. In addition, banana leaves used are usually young banana leaves. Because besides being more flexible, young banana leaves can also add aroma to the cake when steamed.

When making this cake, make the sticky rice and banana dough first. To make it, coconut milk, banana, and sticky rice flour are cooked. Then add sugar and salt a little at a time and stir gently until cooked. Then chill for a while. Once cool, the dough is then rolled or rolled into one. Then after making the dough is complete, proceed with making the contents of the Timpan Cake. For the contents of grated coconut and srikaya, it is usually done in a slightly different way and according to the respective ingredients.

After the dough and the contents of the storage are ready, then proceed with making the cake timpan. To make it, spread a banana leaf on top of the telenan and place a spoonful of sticky rice mixture on top. After that, give the contents of the storage to taste, and roll the dough until the filling is covered with dough. Then wrap the dough with banana leaves and steam until cooked.

The above processing is only a little description about the processing of Timpan Cakes. So for those of you who want to make it yourself, you can look for a more detailed and more suitable recipe to your liking.

The combination of sweet and savory flavors in glutinous rice dough certainly gives a special sensation when we eat this cake. Supported by the contents of timpan made of grated coconut or srikaya, it certainly makes this timpan cake taste even more delicious. Besides that, the smooth texture and the aroma of banana make this Timpan Cake taste even more complete.

In Aceh, Timpan Cake is also very easy to find and sell as souvenir food. So, are you interested in tasting the traditional Acehnese food called Kue Timpan?


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