Changing residence is a very troublesome thing. In the Chinese people in Indonesia, there are several things that need to be considered. For ordinary people, things that are usually considered when moving house may include various things such as not moving house while the wife is pregnant, not nailing anything in the new house if the wife is pregnant, having to choose a good day and a good time or until time to place the bed and position it well.

But in fact there is still much to be considered in terms of moving house, determining a good day to move house not only can get rid of the bad air in the house, it can even bring luck to the occupants of the house.

The following are things that Chinese people should pay attention to when changing places of residence in order to bring good luck and good air to their new home:

1. Put salt and rice in the corner of the house

When you move to a new house, put a little rice and salt in every corner of the house for the first 3 days. Or you can also put 1/3 rice and 2/3 salt in a bowl and place it in every corner of the house. This serves to get rid of the bad air in the house

2.Turn on the lamp for 72 consecutive hours

Turn on the lights in your new home for at least 72 consecutive hours. If in your home there is a habit of praying using incense or incense, you can light the incense or incense for at least 72 consecutive hours. But don’t forget to open the windows of the house. Thus, the bad weather in the house can come out of your house.

3. Cook sweet soup

After you move into a new house, don’t forget to cook the soup that tastes sweet the first time you use the stove in the new house. Better yet, if you can cook onde onde soup that tastes sweet. This serves to add harmony to each occupant in the new house.

4. Place lucky items in front of the main entrance of the house

After you move into the new house, don’t forget to put lucky items in the house, precisely in front of the main entrance. The meaning is that once you enter the house, you can immediately see the lucky items. You can put it on a small table that is deliberately facing right in front of the main entrance of the house. These items include: pineapple fruit that symbolizes prosperity, citrus fruit that symbolizes good luck and fluency, grapefruit fruit symbolizing peace and security, or you can also put bright and festive candy, which symbolizes crowd and brightness in the house.

5. Put coins in the corner of the house

Don’t forget to put 168 coins in the corner of your new house. Remember neither more nor less, the total amount is not the price, but the amount of the metal itself, which is 168 pieces. After putting the metal for 1 week, you can ask all the residents of the house to collect the money together and put it in a piggy bank made of bamboo. This serves to unite all luck and prosperity into the new home.

6. Burn the Ai grass

On the first day of moving to a new house, don’t forget to burn a handful of Ai grass in the house. And smoke around your house in a clockwise direction. The smoke produced from burning Ai grass will fill the entire room, and don’t forget to open all the windows. But remember, don’t open the main door of your house. This is so that all dirt and bad air in the house can be completely eradicated and can purify the air in the house.

7. Other taboo things that should not be done

If someone is pregnant in the house, it is better not to move house, not nailing the walls. If you have to move house, then the woman who is pregnant must leave the house and stay in another place for a while. After all moving house activities have been completed, women who are pregnant may return home. And don’t forget, before entering the house, you can ask other family members to sweep all the floors and walls of the house, so that things that are bad for women who are pregnant can be expelled from the house.

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