Once upon a time, in the Tondano district, lived a mighty hunter named Sigarlaki. He is known for his spear skills. No matter how difficult the target, he can spear right. Sigarlaki has a very loyal servant, named Limbat. If Sigarlaki told him to do something, he would have done it well. In short, he became a Sigarlaki believer.

One day, they were hunting in the forest. But the catch this time is not as usual. They have been hunting for a long time, not a single animal has been seen. He was so upset by the statement. His resentment escalated when Limbat reported that the meat of their household supplies was lost and stolen.

Instead of trying to investigate, Sigarlaki even accused Limbat of being a thief. Accused of being a thief, Limbat also felt hurt.

Limbat as an accused must prove his innocence. Cigarettes make their own rules of play. He would stick his spear at the bottom of the pool, then he told Limbat to dive to the bottom of the pool. If the spear appears faster on the surface, it means Limbat does not steal. However, if Limbat comes out of the pool first, it means he is the thief. Fear arose in Limbat when he heard the strange rule. But he must maintain his self-esteem. Then he dived as fast as Sigarlaki’s spear hit the bottom of the pool.

But there is a strange occurrence. Soon Sigarlaki stabbed a spear, a wild boar drinking in the pond. He pulled back the spear and threw it at the wild boar. Unfortunately, the spear was not about the target. According to Sigarlaki rules, Limbat should be free from all charges. However, Sigarlaki asked for proof again. Limbat actually objected to that, but whatever the power, he was just a waiter. As Sigarlaki thrust his spear into the pool, a large crab bit his leg.

He cried out in pain and spontaneously raised his spear. Finally,. Limbat is free from all charges. Cigarettes can not repeat it again. His leg was bitten by a large crab. That is the reward for a person who easily accuses others of committing a crime.


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