Long ago there lived a father named Pak Belalang and his son named Belalang. They live in poverty, because Pak Belalang doesn’t want to work. “How can I get money easily.” thought Pak Belalang . Aha! Pak Belalang has an idea. He ordered the Belalang to hide the villagers’ belongings. “I can tell where your belongings are,” exclaimed Pak Belalang, when all the residents were panicking looking for the missing items.

Of course, Pak Belalang could easily find people’s belongings. All residents were amazed by Pak Belalang Pak Belalang skill. The people who lost their belongings also rewarded Pak Belalang . Slowly, Pak Belalang ‘s life improved. Pak Belalang ‘s expertise was well known throughout the kingdom. The king who knew about it, became curious.

He wanted to test Pak Belalang . Pak Belalang was summoned to the palace. “Pak Belalang , I want you to guess something that is in my grasp,” said the king. Instantly, Pak Belalang panicked. He did not know what the king was holding. Pak Belalang r also called his son for help.

“Grasshoppers… Oh, Grasshoppers,” said Pak Belalang . Olala, the king was actually amazed by Pak Belalang Pak Belalang . “You’re really great, Pak Belalang. Look! I did hold a grasshopper, “said the king. Pak Belalang is very grateful. What a coincidence, the answer is correct. In return, the King presented Pak Belalang with a large amount of gold coins.

And so on. Pak Belalang was accidentally able to guess what was missing. However, instead of being happy, Pak Belalang became uneasy. He was afraid that his lies would be exposed. “How do I end this lie?” thought Pak Belalang . Pak Belalang finally decided to burn down his house and all its contents.

As a result, all charred is not left. One day, someone came to see Mr. Belalang. He asked Pak Belalang to find his missing item. “I’m sorry, sir. My house has been burned. My magic books also caught fire. I can’t find the missing items, ”said Pak Belalang . Even though Pak Belalang returned to live in poverty, his life became calm. He was no longer haunted by guilt.

From the folklore about Pak Belalang , we can conclude that lying also has a negative effect on one’s mind. Come on, get some exciting and interesting Indonesian folk stories from Indonesiar.com.


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