It is said that Malin Kundang is an only child who lives with his mother. As a teenager, he decided to go overseas on a merchant’s ship. Along the way, the ship that was boarded by Malin Kundang was attacked by pirates. All merchandise was seized, while the crew and passengers were slaughtered. Malin Kundang hid so that his life was safe. After being adrift in the sea, finally the ship he was traveling on was stranded on a beach. Malin Kundang walked to the nearest village, and started a new life there. Thanks to his persistence at work, he managed to become a merchant who has many merchant ships and his men. After becoming rich, Malin Kundang got married.

Years later, Malin Kundang and his wife went on a voyage, and anchored in his native land. Mrs. Malin witnessed his arrival. The mother saw that the merchant on the ship was very similar to Malin Kundang. He approached the ship to confirm the characteristics of his son, and became more convinced after everything was suitable, then tried to communicate with Malin Kundang. However, Malin Kundang became angry even though he knew that the old woman was his mother, because he was ashamed of his mother’s worn and dirty appearance. Getting treated like that, Malin Kundang’s mother was very angry. He also swore his son, “Oh God, if he is my son, I swear he became a stone”. When Malin Kundang returned to sail, a terrible storm destroyed his ship. Then he was stranded on the beach of his native land. After that, his body slowly stiffened, and finally shaped into a rock. The story is set on the beach of Air Manis (Aia Manih), south of the city of Padang, West Sumatra.

Source wikipedia