Once upon a time in ancient times there was a young man named Toba. He is an orphan. Everyday he worked in the fields. Occasionally he looked for fish in the river which was not far from his hut. The fish they catch are usually used as side dishes and the rest is sold to the market.

One day Toba was fishing after returning from the field. He really hopes to find a large fish that he can immediately cook to be a side dish. Fulfilled that hope. Not long after, he threw his fishing line into the river, the fish’s hook had been struck. How happy he was when he pulled his fishing line and found a big fish caught in his fishing line.

For a moment, Toba watched the big fish that he successfully lured. ” What a strange fish. ” Gumannya. He had never seen such a fish in his life. The color of the fish is yellowish and the scales are golden yellow. The scales look sparkling when exposed to the sun. When Toba removed the hook from the mouth of the fish he caught, suddenly a miracle happened. The strange fish with golden yellow scales was transformed into a woman with a beautiful face.

Toba was surprised to find the miracle that unfolded before his eyes. He just stood there with his eyes rounded and his mouth wide open.

“Sir.” Said the beautiful fish incarnate woman. “I am the curse of God because I have violated the great prohibition. It is destined for me that I will change shape to resemble any creature that holds or touches me. Because you have held me, I will turn into a human like this lord. “

Toba introduced his name. Likewise with that beautiful-faced woman. ” My name is, daughter, sir. “

Toba then explained his desire to marry Putri because he was fascinated by the beauty of the fish-incarnate woman. ” Will you marry me? ” he asked after talking for a while.

“Alright, I am willing, sir, as long as you are willing to fulfill one of the conditions I put forward.” Princess replied

“What conditions do you want? Mention. I will certainly fulfill it. “

“My only wish is one, please, sir, keep my secrets tight. Don’t ever mention if I come from fish. If you express your willingness to keep this secret, I am willing to become your wife. “

“OK.” Said Toba. ” I will keep your secrets tight. This secret is known only to us alone. “

Toba and Putri got married. Both live harmoniously and happily even in simplicity. Their happiness seemed more complete with the birth of their child. A boy. Samosir name.

Samosir grew up to be a healthy child. His body is strong. Unfortunately he is a bit naughty and lazy. His only wish is to lie down. He doesn’t seem to care or want to help his father’s troubles, who are busy working in the fields. In fact, for just delivering food and drinks to his father, Samosir, often refused to be asked. If he wanted to, he would do it lazily, with a grumpy face. Increasingly lazy because his mother continues to spoil him. Whatever he asked for, his mother would try to fulfill.

Samosir has a very strong appetite. A day’s food ration for his family can be finished in one meal. Toba felt he had to work even harder to fulfill his son’s extraordinary desire to eat.

One day Samosir was asked by his mother to deliver food and drink for his father. At first, Samosir was reluctant to carry out his mother’s orders. However, after her mother continued to insist she finally agreed to do it, even with a grumpy face.

Samosir brought the food and drink to the fields. In the middle of the trip, Samosir was hungry. Stopped the steps to the garden. He then ate the food that was meant for his father. He did not finish all the food, but left a little. With that little food and drink left, Samosir continued his journey to the fields. Arriving at the fields, Samosir gave the food and drink to his father.

Toba was very hungry because he worked hard since morning and immediately opened his lunch. He was surprised when he saw the food for him is running low. ” Why are my food and drink rations low? ” he asked with annoyed expression.

With an innocent face as if he had done nothing wrong, Samosir answered. ” I was really hungry on the road, Dad. Therefore, I had eaten some of my father’s food and drink rations. But, I didn’t spend everything, right? There is still some food and drink for Dad. “

“Children don’t know how lucky.” Maki Toba to his son. The anger immediately rose. As if he could no longer hold back and be patient, his curses immediately slid. ” You fish offspring. “

Samosir was very surprised to hear his father’s curse. He immediately ran to the house. When he met his mother, Samosir immediately recounted his father’s curses and insults, who said he was a descendant of fish.

Hearing her son’s complaint, Samosir’s mother became very sad. Unexpectedly, if her husband broke her oath not to mention that she came from fish.

Samosir and his mother held each other. In a matter of seconds, both of them disappeared. A miracle happened. On the footing Samosir and his mother sprayed very heavy water. From deep within the ground, water seemed to be gushing out as if it was endless. The longer the water sprayed, the bigger it was. In no time, the land surface was flooded. The water level continues to rise and how long after that the valley where Toba lives has been flooded. Then formed a vast lake in that place.

The residents then named the lake Lake Toba. The small island in the middle of Lake Toba is called Samosir Island for reminds me of Toba’s son.

The Moral Message of North Sumatra Folklore The Legend of the Origin of Lake Toba is:

Do not break the oath that was once uttered because of the bad consequences in the future.