In ancient times in the area of ​​Lampung, there is a very interesting story about the river Tulang Bawang. The river is famous for haunting. Many people are lost if they sail across the river.

Why are so many people missing? It turned out that there was a ferocious crocodile in the river. The crocodile is the inhabitant of the river Tulang Bawang has eaten a lot, Residents who live around the river Tulang Bawang must be careful. If traveling they are ready with sharp weapons.

It is narrated that one day the people around lost a beautiful girl named Aminah. All the villagers immediately searched. However, although all the villagers of Tulang Bawang have searched almost everywhere, there is not a single indication of the existence of Aminah. The girl just disappeared.

Meanwhile, at the same time, in a large cave far from the residential settlement, the body of a weak and helpless girl lay. It turned out that the girl was Aminah who had just regained consciousness. How surprised he was to find himself in a cave. After getting up, he tried to stand up and walk around. His surprise increased, as the cave was filled with priceless treasures, with gems, gold, diamonds, and beautiful clothes. The whole thing emitted a sparkling light. Then, a sound was heard from the corner of the cave, a very large and terrible crocodile appeared.

“Do not be scared! I am a crocodile, but I am a human being just like you. I was cursed for my reprehensible actions. I was called Somad.

My job was to rob the Tulang Bawang river. The stolen property is stored in this cave. In addition, in this cave there is a secret tunnel that penetrates directly into your village. No one knows the tunnel. ”

In a state of shock and fear, Aminah tried to listen to the whole word of the crocodile. Unbeknownst to him, he had heard a secret that could give him a way out. Although the Crocodile was kind to him and always gave him jewelry gifts, he was still not violent, he wanted to return to his village. He hopes to leave the lonely Crocodile himself in the cave and return to his hometown soon.

Aminah began to remember the incident why she was in the cave with the crocodile. Yesterday he was by the river, just throwing garbage. Suddenly something strong and big grabbed him. It was like sinking to the bottom of a river. He was unconscious, knowingly being in a cave with a Pirate Crocodile.

Now Aminah pretends to obey the Crocodile’s will. But secretly he waited for a good opportunity to escape. At one point, the crocodile fell asleep and left the cave door open. Amina h immediately used the opportunity to exit through the narrow tunnel. When he had been walking for a long time, he suddenly saw the sun.

How happy he was to get out of the cave. Aminah, the beautiful girl was finally able to return to her village safely. He lived happily ever after with his family. Abundant wealth does not guarantee a happy life. The crocodile was rich but he was lonely and suffered as a result of his actions first.


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