Indonesia has a variety of famous folk tales. One of the famous folk tales is the story of Nyi Roro Kidul as the ruler of the South Sea became a very famous Javanese folk tale. Even to this day there are still many people who believe in the existence of the beautiful Queen incarnation of the Princess Kandita. However, there are many versions of the folklore of Nyi Roro Kidul. The legend of the Queen of the South Coast, Nyi Roro Kidul, will tell you tonight.

In ancient times, right in the area of ​​West Java. There is a Government called Pakuan Pajajaran. The kingdom was ruled by a very wise and prudent King. The people under his rule were very happy and respected the king because his leadership made the lives of the people prosperous. The king was named King Prabu Siliwangi. The King had quite a lot of children, one of whom was named Putri Kandita. She is a very beautiful girl, kind and has the same nature as her father. The King of Siliwangi really loved Princess Kandita, and As she grew older, Princess Kandita became more and more beautiful and the area she was an only child, then she was the future heir to the throne of King Siliwangi.

Hearing Prabu Siliwangi’s desire to make Putri Kandita as the successor to the throne of the Concubines and her children did not agree. They are not willing if Putri Kandita who will be the Queen later.

One day, the Concubines and their children gather to plot an evil plot to get rid of Princess Kandita and her mother out of the Palace. To launch their plan they asked for help from a witch who lived in a remote village, who had a variety of black art.

One day, without the king’s knowledge, the concubines and their children came to the witch and by giving the reward requested by the witch, the concubine and her son wanted the daughter of Kandita and her queen to be cursed so as not to be the heir to the king’s throne.

Without waiting long, the Witch performed his task. With black magic he bewitched Princess Kandita and her Mother to suffer from Leprosy. One day, when Putri Kandita and her mother woke up from sleep, her body turned ugly, her body which was initially smooth, clean and pale yellow immediately changed, her body was filled with ulcers and emitted an unpleasant odor.

Princess Kandita and the queen contracted leprosy that never healed. Prabu Siliwangi who was surprised to see a strange disease in his two loved ones immediately called the palace doctor for treatment. But after trying various herbs, the palace doctor still could not cure them.

Putri Kandita and her mother ‘s illness worsened. Their bodies are getting weaker because they cannot digest food and drink. The young daughter of Kandita was able to survive the illness she was suffering from. However, the old mother was unable to survive until she finally breathed her last.

Princess Kandita and the king were severely beaten by the death of the empress. For days, King Prabu Siliwangi dreamed alone, he felt very sad because the person he loved the most had left the world first. However, the King also felt very, very burdened to see the condition of Princess Kandita who did not show signs of healing. He felt very anxious because Putri Kandita would succeed him in continuing the throne.

One day, the concubines and their children came to see the King to incite Princess Kandita to be expelled. Initially, the King refused. However, because he was afraid that his disease would be contagious, Prabu Siliwangi was forced to agree to the proposal.

Without the knowledge of the king, concubine and siblings. Princess Kandita who heard the conversation was very disappointed and she decided to run away from the palace. In a sad, confused, and uncertain mood Princess Kandita walked out of the palace with no definite purpose.

For days he walked aimlessly until finally arriving at the southern coast of Java Island which has many rocks and big waves. On one of the rocks he then rested until he fell asleep due to fatigue. In her sleep, Putri Kandita dreamed of hearing a magical voice telling her to throw herself into the sea so that her illness would be healed and healthy as before.

“Throw yourself into the sea, Putri Kandita, if you want to recover from your illness. Your skin will be smooth as before. “

Putri Kandita woke up from her sleep. He then pondered the magic words because he doubted whether the sound was a wangsit or just a fad whispering in his sleep. But after looking around, as far as the eye could see, there was only a stretch of white sand and the waves rolling around it. Therefore, please rest assured Putri Kandita that the supernatural voice was a message that she had to carry out for her own recovery.

Believing that the voice was a wangsit, Putri Kandita immediately did what she was told. So magical! When she touched the water, Putri Kandita’s entire body, which was afflicted with ulcers, gradually disappeared and became smooth again.

Princess Kandita’s recovery did not make him return to the palace. He prefers to settle on the south coast and mingle with the surrounding population, most of whom work as fishermen.

Since living there, Putri Kandita is very well known for her beauty. Many princes from various kingdoms came to propose to her. However, of the many who proposed to him, Putri Kandita was not at all interested. Some of them resigned because Putri Kandita put forward very difficult conditions. One of the conditions is to compete on the waves of the sea shore. However, most of them accepted the conditions.

In fact, of the many men who competed with supernatural powers, no one was able to beat Putri Kandita. They eventually became loyal followers who always escorted the Princess wherever she went. Since then, Putri Kandita has been known as the Queen of the Rulers of the Southern Sea of ​​Java, Nyai Roro Kidul.

The moral message from the Folklore of Nyi Roro Kidul Laut Selatan is don’t do evil, because evil deeds will cause disasters in the future.


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