East Nusa Tenggara Province has a variety of interesting and fun natural tourist destinations. One of them is the peak of Mount Inerie which is located in Ngada, Bajawa, on the island of Flores. The peak of Mount Inerie has a shape resembling a pyramid.

The peak of Mount Inerie is the highest volcano in Flores which is the best tourist destination and is nicknamed the “Natural Pyramid” because of its towering and conical shape.

It is said to be extreme because you have to pass through savanna tracks, rocky tracks that are quite sharp, to sandy tracks that make it a bit difficult to walk. Not to mention the existence of the Inerie Crater with a depth of up to 150 meters. At some point, if not extra careful eating will be dangerous.

It’s just that going through all these obstacles seems meaningless when you reach the top of this tourist destination in East Nusa Tenggara and witness the dramatic panoramic sunset.

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