Once upon a time in Kampung Nagur there was a small kingdom called the Tanah Djawo Kingdom. The kingdom of the Batak tribe called Sinaga was ruled by a just and wise king. In carrying out the duties of government, the King was accompanied by a number of strong and loyal warlords so that this kingdom was safe and secure.

Meanwhile, outside the Nagur province, there are also two Batak tribal kingdoms of different clans, namely the Silou Kingdom from the Ancient Causeway and the Kingdom from the Saragih Garingging clan. Despite their different clans, the two kingdoms established friendly relations with the Nagur Kingdom. Their people also always live in harmony and prosperity. The prosperity of the three small kingdoms apparently attracted the attention of other governments to control it.

One day, it was announced that the Majapahit Kingdom from Java would come to attack the Djawo Land Kingdom. Hearing the news, Raja Tanah Djawo immediately asked for help from the Silou Government and the Kingdom. Both governments also expressed their readiness to assist the Djawo Land Government in repelling attacks from the Majapahit Government.

The assistance provided by the Silou Government and the Federal Government was willing to deny and even expel the Majapahit forces from Nagur province. The same thing happened when the government came under attack from government Silou Aceh. Both these kingdoms, the Djawo Land Government and the Kingdom, helped the Silou Government to finally survive the threat of danger.

At one point, thousands of soldiers of unknown origin came to attack the three kingdoms in turn. First, they were the Kingdom of Tanah Djawo, then the Kingdom of Silou, and lastly the Kingdom of Raya. Despite helping each other, the three kingdoms were finally subdued as well. The attack forced each king to save himself. The same thing happened to the people who ran around avoiding the onslaught of the enemy. They left the area in groups. During the time of the fugitives, they had to move around to avoid the enemy chase.

The plight of the refugees is very distressing. They were starving and attacked with various diseases. To survive, each group of refugees seeks their own safe haven. A group of refugees from Kampung Nagur later found the land of Sahili Misir which is now known as Samosir island, an island located in the middle of Lake Toba. There they settled and opened plantations for farming.

After settling on the island for so long, their lives began to take shape. In fact, they already have grandchildren. At one point, they longed to return to their hometown in Kampung Nagur. They finally held a deliberation.

“Who among you wants to return to Kampung Nagur?” asked an elder as the leader of the deliberations.

Hearing the question, some of the participants refused to return to their hometowns.

“I’m sorry, gentlemen. Why don’t you want to come with us? Do you not miss your hometown? ” the elder asked them.

Sorry, Lord Elder. Actually, we really miss our hometown. But, we already feel at home and comfortable living on this island. This place is like my own hometown. After all, who will look after the livestock and the fields if everyone comes back home? ” answered one of the participants in the deliberation.

“It is true Mr. Elders, our children and grandchildren feel happy living on this island,” added another participant of the deliberation.

“Alright then. For those who wish to stay here, I hope you will take good care of this place. For those who want to return to their hometowns, please prepare everything immediately, ”said the elder.

The residents wishing to return to their hometowns immediately made necessary preparations. They finally left for Kampung Nagur. After days of traveling, they finally arrived at Kampung Nagur. When they arrived to their hometown, several residents were seen crying. They remembered what happened to their village before. Their homes are gone. Only shrubs and trees seemed to flourish. “Sima-sima nalungun,” they said.

Since then Kampung Nagur changed its name to Sima-sima Nalungun, which means a lonely area. Over time, people called it Simalungun. Until now, the word Simalungun is still used to refer to the name of a regency in North Sumatra Province.


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