Once upon a time, in a wilderness, stood the Three Peaks Kingdom. The kingdom was ruled by three brothers, namely Pamuncak Rencong Talang, Pamuncak Tanjung Seri, and Pamuncak Koto Tapus.

At one time, the people’s harvest in the territory of the Pamuncak Rencong Talang was really abundant. Pamuncak Rencong Talang intends to hold a harvest party by inviting relatives and family. Because he could not attend, Pamuncak Tanjung Seri sent his wife and two children.

Long story short, they have arrived in the land of Pamuncak Rencong Talang. Festival day and harvest feast arrived. It was negotiated that the feast would be three days and three nights. On that third night, the virgin from Pamuncak Tanjung Seri, who was the target of the youth, attended. It is said that the party was very lively. The rooster’s tyakasa has crowed repeatedly.

It was really late. Finally, the girl’s mother took her child “home,” however, the girl ignored her mother’s call. There was a young man nearby asking the girl, who! that old woman who called him? Hearing that question, the girl replied, “Oo .., that woman is my maid.”

It hurts the mother to hear that. The next day, they came home. It is told when the group arrived in the area between Sangkar Island and Lolo which was swampy and muddy. So the wife of Pamujung Tanjung Sari prayed to God that her son who was disobedient would be swallowed up by the muddy swamp. Apparently that prayer was answered by God. The virgin caught his feet by the muddy swamp, so he sank deeper and deeper. He cried and asked for help from his mother and bodyguard. However. his mother ignored.

“I’m not your mother, I’m just your maid.” The girl continued to roar as well, saying, “” Please … please, Mother, I will no longer disobey you. I’m sorry, Mother. ” His mother did not want to hear his son’s request. Instead, she took the Jambi bracelet and scarf her son was wearing. After  taking the item, the girl sank.

After that incident, the country was named by its inhabitants as Lempur which comes from the word Mud. Meanwhile, the bracelet was thrown in a tebat, so that the tebat was called Tebat Gelang. Then, the Jambi long cloth was also thrown into another tebat, so that the tebat was given the name Tebat Jambi.


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