In the past, in Dumai there was a kingdom led by a queen named Cik Sima. The kingdom was called the Seri Bunga Tanjung Kingdom. Cik Sima has seven beautiful daughters. Among the seven daughters, the youngest was the most beautiful. Her name is Mayang Sari.

One day, the seven daughters were bathing in Lubuk Sarong Umai. They don’t realize that someone is watching them. Prince Empang Kuala, who accidentally passed the area, was amazed by the beauty of the seven princesses. However, his eyes were fixated on Putri Mayang Sari.

Hmm, how beautiful that girl. Beautiful girl in Lubuk Umai. Dumai… Dumai, ”he whispered to himself

Upon his return to the kingdom, Pangeran Empang Kuala ordered his envoy to go to the Seri Bunga Tanjung Kingdom to propose to Princess Mayang Sari. Traditionally, Cik Sima refuses to make a proposal to her youngest daughter, because the eldest daughter should have accepted the proposal first.

Prince Empang Kuala was furious to hear that his proposal was rejected. Lulu, he deployed his troops to invade the Seri Bunga Tanjung Kingdom. Receiving the attack, Cik Sima immediately secured the seven daughters into the forest. They were hidden in a hole covered with an earthen roof and blocked by trees. Cik Sima also provided her seven daughters with food for three months. After that, Cik Sima returned to the battlefield.

The fighting continued for months. It had been three months that the fighting had not ended and Cik Sima’s troops were getting more and more pressed. Victims have fallen a lot and the kingdom is in ruins. Finally, Cik Sima asked for help from the genie who was imprisoning on the Upper Umai River Hill.

When Pangeran Empang Kuala and his troops were resting in the lower reaches of the Umai River at night, suddenly thousands of mangroves fell on Prince Empang Kuala’s troops who were resting. In a moment the troops can be paralyzed. Prince Empang Kuala was injured.

In such a weak condition, Queen Cik Sima’s envoy came.

I came as the envoy of the Queen of Seri Bunga Tanjung. Queen asked Tuan to stop this war. This battle was of no good to both sides of the belch. It will only cause misery, ”said Queen Cik Sima’s envoy

Pangeran Empang Kuala realized that it was his side who started all this damage. Finally, he ordered his troops to retreat.

After the death of Pangeran Empang Kuala’s troops, Ratu Cik Sima rushed to the hiding place for his seven daughters. However, he was devastated, because he saw that his seven daughters had died from starvation. The war lasted longer than they thought, so the food supplies left were not enough.

Queen Cik Sima could not help but feel regret and sadness over the loss of her daughters. He fell ill and died.

That said, the word Dumai was taken from the words of Prince Empang Kuala when he saw Princess Mayang Sari in the river. Now, in Dumai City there is a historical site, namely a Putri Tujuh guesthouse located in the area of ​​the PT Pertamina Dumai oil refinery.


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