Once upon a time, on the banks of the Tami River in Papua, there was a husband and wife waiting for a child to come. The husband, named Towjatuwa, was very nervous because his wife, who was pregnant, had difficulty giving birth.

There is only one way to help his wife give birth, namely by operating on him. Using sharp stones from the Tami River. When he was busy looking for sharp stones, suddenly appeared a large crocodile in front of him. Towjatuwa was shocked. She was very scared and almost passed out.

The crocodile was getting closer to Towjatuwa with a body that looked strange unlike other crocodiles. On the crocodile’s back grew the feathers of a kaswari bird. This makes the crocodile look creepy when moving.

When the crocodile got closer to the distance, Towjatuwa started preparing to run away.

Suddenly the crocodile greeted Towjatuwa friendly.

“Do not be afraid! I’m sorry if I startled you. My name is Wituwe. What’s your name and what are you looking for in this river? ” asked the crocodile.

“Oh, my, my name is Towjatuwa. I’m here looking for a sharp stone to help my wife give birth, replied Towiatuwa fearfully.

Towjaniwa’s fear disappeared over time because the crocodile was not as scary as it looked. Their conversation became more familiar and relaxed.

You don’t have to worry, Towjatuwa. I will help your wife give birth, “said the magic crocodile.

Towjatuwa was pleased to hear the crocodile’s words. He returned home and told his wife about his encounter with the magic crocodile.

The next day Towjatuwa’s wife’s stomach started to ache. Towjatuwa was very panicked, he was waiting for the arrival of the magic Crocodile. But the long awaited never arrived. But at the last moment, when his wife could not bear the pain, the magic crocodile came to his house.

Watuwe the magical Crocodile kept his promise. He helped Towjatuwa’s wife give birth. Finally Towjatuwa’s wife was able to give birth to her child safely.

Shortly thereafter, a baby boy’s tears broke the silence of the night. Towjatuwa felt relieved and happy. The baby was born healthy and safe, the child was named Narrowra.

Towjatuwa was very grateful to the magic Crocodile.

The crocodile just gave a message, “Towjatuwa, you and your descendants should not kill or eat crocodile meat. If you break this taboo you and your descendants will die! ”

“Yes I will remember your message, O magic crocodile …!” Towjatuwa said

Towjatuwa and her descendant son fulfilled their promise. They not only conserve crocodiles in the Tami river, they also do not disturb other animals around the river in honor of the magic crocodile.


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