Once upon a time in a fishing village in the coastal area of ​​the bay of Banten, there lived an old widow with her son named Dampu Awang. Since his father’s death several years ago, Dampu Awang had to work hard to help his mother find shells on the beach. They have been doing that job for years, but their lives are still lacking. Dompu Awang, who is already a teenager, is tired and bored with this situation. He thought that if he remained in his village, the fate of his family would not change. That way, arose his desire to migrate to the State of Malacca.

One night, Dampu Awang conveyed his intention to his mother. Unexpectedly, the woman who had given birth to him did not bless him. Even though he had given various reasons and seductions, Mother still did not approve of him leaving.

“Mother will not let you go, my son,” prevented his mother.

“But, Mom!” said Dampu Awang.

“Never mind, Dampu! Mother understands your feeling that you can no longer stand to live in pain like this. But, if you go who else will accompany Mother here, my son! ” said his mother.

“Mom! Dampu promise, when it was successful, Dampu would soon return to accompany and make Mother happy. We will build luxurious houses like the houses of nobles in this village, ”persuaded Dampu Awang.

“Never mind, Dampu! Stop imagining like that! Mother is tired of hearing all your seduction. I will feel happy if you stay beside you, ”said Mrs. Dampu, while laying her body on top of the bamboo stalls.

Dampu Awang was speechless. He understands his mother’s feelings, even though his heart is filled with disappointment. With slow steps, he came out of his hut and sat leaning against a palm tree while enjoying the night breeze of the Banten bay beach. His gaze was sharp as if through the darkness of the night. His thoughts flew far away leaving the weariness of life and disappointment with his mother’s attitude. On his face there was a ray of hope that would illuminate his life.

“Oh, my God! Please open the door to my mother’s heart so that she understands that in Malacca there is a lot of work that will make me rich, ”said Dampu Awang hopefully.

Without realizing it, his mother was watching him from behind the window. The middle-aged woman could not hold back her tears. He felt guilty because he had disappointed his only child. Night’s getting late. The old widow fell back into a deep sleep. Not long after, Dampu Awang entered the hut and slept beside his mother.

The next morning, the old woman approached Dampu Awang who had just woken up.

“Dampu, my son!” his mother said gently.

“What’s the matter, Mom?” asked Dampu, looking at his mother’s face.

Dampu see her mother smiling. There is a warmth of love that radiates from her mother’s eyes.

“Dampu, my son! Mother does not mean to prohibit you from leaving. But, please know! Mother’s age is already old. I’m worried that someday we won’t meet again. Mother does not have anyone else in this world but you, my child! ” his mother said with great emotion.

“Calm down, Mom! Dampu will not be overseas long. After being successful, Dampu will immediately go home to accompany Mother here, ”comforted Dampu Awang.

His mother smiled softly again.

“Very well, my son! If that is your determination, Mother will let you go. But remember! You have to promise to come back quickly if you succeed, “said his mother.

How happy Dampu Awang was to have the blessing of his mother. His body felt like it had received tremendous strength. The blood on his body that had previously frozen flowed back. He could no longer hide his happy feelings. Her tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Thank you mom! Dampu promise to return soon to make Mother happy, “said Dampu Awang while hugging his mother.

“Yes, my son! Now, prepare the things that you will take away. Tomorrow morning a ship will leave for Malacca. Go and meet Teuku Abu Matsyah, the owner of the ship! Maybe he’s willing to take you to go sailing with him, “said his mother.

After preparing the supplies, Dampu Awang immediately met Teuku Abu Matsyah at the port.

“Sir! May I go sailing with you? But sorry sir, I don’t have the money to pay for the boat fare. If you like it, I will pay it with labor, ”asked Dampu.

Seeing Dampu’s sincerity, Teuku Abu Matsyah fulfilled his request. With a happy feeling, Dampu immediately returned to his home. How happy her mother was to hear this happy news.

The next day, before Dampu Awang departed for the port, his mother entrusted him with a turtle bird named the Ketut.

“My child! Take the Ketut away with you! This bird was your father’s pet when he was alive. This bird is very adept as a messenger. You should always send me news. Take care and take care of her well like you take care of Mother, yes son! ” said his mother.

“Fine, ma’am! Dampu promised to send a letter to Mother at the beginning of the full moon, ”Dampu replied.

After that, Dampu and his mother went to the port. Upon arrival at the port, Teuku Abu Matsyah was waiting for him. After greeting his mother, Dampu Awang immediately got on the boat. Not long after, he was seen standing on the bridge of the ship, waving his hand.

Mother… You can go! Take care of yourself, Mother! ” shouted Dampu from the bridge.

“Yes, Dampu! Be careful! Don’t forget to come back quickly, son! ” replied the old widow.

Accompanied by his mother’s sobs, Dampu Awang left the port of Banten for Malacca State. To change the cost of the ship, he was assigned by Teuku Abu Matsyah to clean the entire shipyard. Dampu Awang was very diligent and worked hard. No wonder he got the attention of the rich merchant.

Hi, Dampu! What will you do in Malacca State? ” asked Teuku Abu Matsyah.

“Don’t know, sir! I will just look for work when I get there, ”said Dampu Awang.

“ Then, will you come to work with me? ” persuaded the rich merchant.

Without thinking, Dampu Awang happily accepted the offer. Since Dampau joined him, Teuku Abu Matsyah’s business has progressed and developed, so that in no time he was able to buy another ship. Because of that, the merchant became more and more fond of Dampu, so that he intended to marry him off to his daughter named Siti Nurhasanah.

At first, Dampu Awang refused the offer, because he felt that he was a subordinate who did not deserve to marry his boss’s daughter.

“Sorry Skipper! I do not mean to reject Juragan’s good intentions. But, do I deserve to be the life companion of the Juragan’s daughter? ” said Dampu Awang modestly.

Teuku Abu Matsyah just smiled as he stroked his white beard.

Don’t worry, Dampu! After you get married, I will make you the captain of the ship and leave all my wealth to you, “said Teuku Abu Matsyah.

Finally, Dampu Awang and Siti Nurhasanah married and lived happily. A few months after they got married, Siti Nurhasanah’s father passed away. Since then, Dampu and his wife inherited all of Teuku Abu Matsyah’s assets. He is also known as a rich merchant in the land of Malacca. He lives in luxury and wallows in wealth, so he forgets his mother who is in his hometown. After five years overseas, he suddenly had a longing to return to his homeland in Banten.

One day, Dampu Awang went with his wife and bodyguards to Banten using a large and magnificent ship. After days of wading through the vast seas, they arrived at the port of Banten. The news about the arrival of the big and magnificent ship spread throughout the country of Banten. Every resident is busy talking about the splendor of the ship. They wonder who owns it. Out of curiosity, Banten residents flocked to Pelabahun. Among the crowd, an old woman with a happy face and shabby clothes had just arrived. She is the biological mother of Dampu Awang.

“Well, maybe the owner of the ship is my son,” said Mrs. Dampu Awang.

Ibu Dampu Awang tried to infiltrate the crowd to get a closer look at the ship. When he got closer, he saw a handsome young man standing on the bridge of a ship with a beautiful princess. At first, the old woman doubted that the young man was her son, Dampu Awang. However, after seeing a turtledove perched on the young man’s shoulder, he felt sure that the young man was the child he had been missing.

“Oh Dampu Awang, my child! Finally, you go home too, “he said happily.

The old woman then shouted for her child.

Dampuuu…! Dampu Awang, my son! This is Mother, son! ” he shouted, waving his hands through the crowd.

Hearing the shout, Dampu Awang immediately looked for the source of the shout. However, when he saw that the person shouting was a shabby grandmother and ragged, he immediately looked away. He was ashamed to acknowledge the old grandmother as his mother in front of his wife. Seeing her husband’s attitude, Siti Nurhasanah was amazed.

Hi, Kanda! Why did Kanda turn his face away? Didn’t the grandmother claim to be Kanda’s mother? Is she really Ibu Kanda? ” Siti Nurhasanah asked.

No, Dinda! That old woman is not Kanda’s mother! ” rejected Dampu Awang. “Kanda’s mother is rich and beautiful, unlike the poor and wrinkled grandmother!”

“But Kanda, the grandmother kept calling Kanda’s name,” said Dampu’s wife.

Stop it, Dinda! Do not ignore the wrinkled grandmother. He just invented, ”said Dampu Awang.

After saying that to his wife, Dampu Awang snapped at the grandmother and kicked her out.

Hi, old woman! Get out of here! I have never had a mother like you, ”snapped Dampu Awang.

The unfortunate woman seemed to be struck by lightning during the day and heard the blast. His heart seemed to be sliced ​​to get indecent treatment from his own flesh and blood. He bowed lazily as he shed tears. His hopes, happiness, and long-awaited years were gone. He sat down and prayed to Almighty God with all his heart.

Oh, God! If it is true that the young man is not the son of a slave, let him go. But, if he is the son of a servant, Dampu Awang, give him a lesson because he has hurt his own mother’s feelings, “asked Dampu’s mother.

When Dampu Awang and his entourage would leave the port of Banten, suddenly the sky became dark and the wind blew hard. Lightning struck then accompanied by very heavy rain. In an instant, the world feels doomsday. The sky spewed out everything it contained. The earth shook violently. The sea waves are as high as the mountains. The entire population fled the port to save themselves.

Meanwhile, Dampu Awang and his men were floating in the ocean. His ship was tossed about by the great waves. All the passengers on board were panicked and frightened. In such a panic, a miracle suddenly occurred. Ketut can suddenly speak like a human.

Hi, Dampu Awang! Akuilah… akuilah… akuilah ibumu! ” exclaimed Ketut.

Dampu Awang ignored Ketut’s call. He still did not want to acknowledge his mother.

No! She is not my mother! She is not my mother! ” sergah Dampu Awang.

Acknowledge…. admit… acknowledge your mother, Dampu Awang! ” Ketut shouted again.

Repeatedly, Ketut called out to him, Dampu Awang still denied it. Unexpectedly, a whirlwind suddenly came floating on the sea towards his ship. No wonder, his ship was dragged into the whirlwind, then flew around in the air. In a state of panic, Dampu Awang shouted loudly.

Mama…! mamaaaa… help me! This is your son, Dampu Awang! ”

But what to do. Rice has become porridge. God was angry with him. His ship kept spinning in the air played by the whirlwind. Eventually, the ship and all its contents were thrown far to the south and fell flat. It is said that the boat later transformed into a mountain now known as Mount Pinang.


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