The legend of Lau Kawar is a legend that developed in Karo Regency, North Sumatra. The district, which has an area of ​​2,127.25 km2, is located in the Karo highlands, Bukit Barisan, North Sumatra. Because the area is located in the highlands, this regency is nicknamed Taneh Karo Simalem. This district has a cool climate with temperatures ranging from 16o to 17oC and fertile soils. So do not be surprised, if this area is very rich in natural beauty. One of them is the beauty of Lake Lau Kawar, which is located in Kuta Gugung Village, Simpang Empat District, Karo Regency. The clear and calm water, as well as the beautiful orchids that surround this lake, are an amazing natural charm.

According to the local community, before being formed into a beautiful lake, Lake Lau Kawar was a village called Kawar. In the past, this area was a very fertile agricultural area. The main livelihood of the population is farming. Their agricultural products are always abundant, even though they never use fertilizers and medicines like now. One time, there was a big catastrophe, so that the village of Kawar, which was originally a fertile village, was transformed into a lake. What exactly happened to Kawar village? Want to know the answer? Follow the story in the following folklore!

Hikayat, it is in a story, there is a very fertile village in the Karo district. Kawar village name. The residents of this village generally work as farmers. Their crops are always abundant. At one time, their yields had doubled from the previous year. Their barns were full of rice. In fact, many of them have their barns that do not fit the crops. To be grateful for God’s blessings, they also work together to hold salvation by holding traditional ceremonies.

On the day of the traditional ceremony, Kawar Village was lively and lively. The residents wear colorful clothes and beautiful jewelry. Women are busy cooking various dishes to be eaten together in the ceremony.

The ceremony was also enlivened by the Gendang Guro-Guro Aron performance, a traditional music from the Karo people. At the party, which was only held once a year, all residents attended the party, except for an elderly woman who was paralyzed. The children, son-in-law and grandchildren also attended the event.

The old grandmother remained alone lying on her bed.

“Oh, my God! I really want to attend that party. But, what power is this. Never mind walking, I can’t even stand up, ”wailed the old grandmother to herself.

Under these circumstances, he could only imagine how lively the party atmosphere would be. If you hear the faint sound of the Guro-guro Aron drum singing, remember when he was a teenager. At the Guro-Guro Aron drum party, boys and girls danced in pairs. What a happy moment like that. However, all of that is only a memory of the grandmother’s youth. Now, there remains only the torment and suffering he experienced in his old age. He suffered alone in loneliness. Nobody wants to talk to him. Only tears accompanied him to relieve his burden. It seemed as if he felt like useless trash, everyone didn’t care about him, including his children, son-in-law and grandchildren.

When it was time for lunch, all the residents who attended the party gathered to eat the food that had been prepared. There you can find roasts of beef, goat, pork, and chicken that are still warm. The cool atmosphere makes them even more excited to enjoy these various dishes. In the midst of their meal they heard laughter every now and then, because some of them made jokes. Excessive joy makes them forget themselves, including the grandmother’s child and son-in-law. They had completely forgotten their mother, who was lying limply alone at home.

Meanwhile, the grandmother was very hungry, because since morning there had not been any food that filled her stomach. Now, he really hopes that his son or daughter-in-law will remember and immediately deliver food. However, after the long wait, no one came.

“Ouch …! My stomach feels churning. But, why haven’t my children delivered food to me until now? ” complained the grandmother whose body was shaking with hunger. With what remaining energy he had, he tried to find food in the kitchen, but he found nothing. Apparently, the child did not cook on that day, because there was plenty of food available at the ceremony.

Finally, the old grandmother was forced to inch back to her bed. He was very disappointed, did not feel his tears coming out of his eyelids. The old mother cried over her unfortunate fate.

“Oh, my God! My children really have the heart to let me suffer like this. There they ate well and were full, while I was starved. How cruel they are! ” said the old grandmother with a feeling of disappointment.

Moments later, the ceremonial banquet was over. Apparently the child just remembered his mother at home. He then immediately went to his wife. “My wife! Have you delivered food for mother? ” asked the husband to his wife.

“Not yet?” replied his wife. “Then, please pack the food, then have our children deliver it home!” the husband ordered. “All right, my husband!” Replied the wife. The woman immediately wrapped the food and then told her child, “My son! Deliver this food to grandma at home! ” the mother ordered.

“Fine, ma’am!” replied his son who immediately ran while bringing the food back home. Arriving home, the boy immediately handed the food to his grandmother, then ran back to the ceremony site.

How happy the grandmother is. In times of hunger like that, someone suddenly brings food. With a happy feeling, the grandmother immediately opened the package. But to her dismay, it turned out that the contents of the package were only leftovers. Several pieces of beef and goat bones which were almost finished.

“Oh, my God! Do they already think of me like an animal. Why do they give me leftovers and bones, “muttered the old grandmother with annoyance.

In fact, the package contained whole grilled meat. However, on the way the grandson had eaten some of the contents of the package, leaving only bones. The old grandmother, who did not know the truth, thought her son and daughter-in-law had the heart to do it. So, with that treatment, he felt very sad and humiliated. Her tears could no longer be stopped. He then prayed to God to curse his son and daughter-in-law.

“Oh, my God!” They have done disobedience to me. Give them a lesson! ” the old woman pleaded with Almighty God.

Just when the sentence left the mouth of the old grandmother, suddenly a very powerful earthquake occurred. The sky became cloudy, thunder boomed like it was breaking the sky, and soon it was raining heavily. The whole population, who was happy at first, suddenly panicked. The sound of screams crying for help could be heard from everywhere. However, they could no longer escape the ferocity of that truly terrifying nature.

In an instant, the lush and prosperous village of Kawar suddenly sank. None of the inhabitants who survived the incident. A few days later, the village turned into a large crater which was inundated by water. By the local community, the crater was named Lau Kawar. This is the story of the origin of Lau Kawar from the Tanah Karo area, North Sumatra.