The Covid-19 pandemic has hit India. In the past week, residents of the city of Bihar have found at least 100 bodies floating in the mouth of the Ganges River. This body is thought to be a positive Covid-19 corpse that his family cannot afford to cremate.

According to the head of Chausa Bihar district, Ashok Kumar, on Monday (10/5/2021) there were still 40 to 45 bodies floating in the river. The bodies are predicted to come from the state of Uttar Pradesh which was badly hit by the third wave of Covid-19, where cremation houses and cemeteries were no longer able to carry out their duties and imposed high tariffs. According to another official, the body had been in the water for nearly a week. This is evidenced by the condition of the corpse which has rotted away.

“They are swollen and have been in the water for at least five to seven days. We are disposing of the bodies. We need to investigate where they came from, which city in Uttar Pradesh, be it Bahraich or Varanasi or Allahabad,” said another official, KK Upadhyay. as quoted by NDTV, Tuesday (11/5/2021).

“The bodies are not from here because we do not have a tradition of dumping the bodies in the river,” he said.

There was panic in the city and other people around him about infections from the body and from the river water. Dogs can be seen wading near the corpses, an image that shows fear of an explosion in the Covid case. “People are afraid of contracting Covid. We have to bury the body,” said Narendra Kumar, a villager.

“A district administration official came and said they would pay 500 Rupees to clean the bodies,” he told reporters. Meanwhile the explosion of Covid-19 cases is still happening in India. On Monday (10/5/2021) daily cases in the country reached 366 thousand with more than 3,700 people dying.

The country’s funeral homes are overwhelmed by the number of casualties arriving. Most of the victims are residents who cannot get medical care and oxygen supply in health facilities. Come on, obey health protocols and get other interesting information from