In ancient times, in the valley of Mount Telomayo lived a couple named Ki Hajar and Nyai Selakanta. They live modestly and have not been blessed with offspring.

Ki Hajar finally decided to go as a hermit on Mount Telomoyo to beg the Almighty for the gift of a child.

After a long time Ki Hajar was a hermit on the mountain, the wife then became pregnant. Nyai Selakanta’s stomach is getting bigger and bigger until she finally gives birth to a child.

But how surprised Nyai Selakanta was, it turned out that the one he gave birth to was not a human baby but a Dragon. Miraculously, the dragon was able to speak and Nyai Selakanta also named it Baru Klinting.

Day by day the New Dragon Klinting is getting bigger. Until one day he asked his mother, “Mother where is my father” ?.

Nyai Selakanta also told that his father was a hermit on the slopes of Mount Telomoyo. Naga Baru Kiinting also went there and met an old man who was his father. Ki Hajar does not just believe in the New Dragon Klinting, “if you are my son, try to circle this mountain with your body”. The New Dragon Klinting executed and succeeded. Ki Hajar finally believed, after seeing the klintingan (small bell) that Nyai Selakanta wore around Baru Klinting’s neck.

And in order for him to transform into a human being, he must be a hermit in Bukit Tugur. The New Dragon Khlinting was happy to carry out his father’s orders.

At that time, the villagers below Bukit Tugur were hunting game animals in the forest. Suddenly they saw the New Dragon Klinting sitting in the Cave. Since they did not get any animals, the villagers finally cut off the body of the New Dragon Klinting to be used as food. Then the villagers went home and held a big party because they had got a lot of meat.

While they were enjoying the party food, a small and smelly little boy came. The boy approached and hoped to be given food. But the villagers refused,

“Go you beggar base !, your body is dirty and smelly!”.

Seeing the incident, an old grandmother named Nyai Latung felt sorry.

“I want to go to grandma’s house!” said the grandmother. The boy then followed to his house.

There he was given a lot of food. to finish all the food served.

“Thank you, Grandma is very good unlike the villagers!” said the boy.

Before leaving, the child instructed that if you later hear the sound of thunder, look for a mortar and climb on it.

Then the boy returned to the lively party. He again asked for food from the villagers. “Sir, have mercy on me sir ?, give me a little food”. However, the villagers became increasingly angry, “You again, there go far. You have disturbed the party here “, said a villager while kicking the child until he fell.

The boy then got up and took out a skewer and stuck it on the ground, “O you villagers, if you can remove this skewer, I will go and not bother you again”, the boy asked.

One by one the villagers tried to remove the skewer. But strangely no one can pull it off. “Woe to you, just pulling out a skewer as small as that can not afford,” mocked the child Finally the child pulled out the skewer stuck in the ground. Suddenly the hole in the ground used to stick the skewer

releasing water that is getting heavier and heavier.

The water turned into a huge flood that drowned the entire village of arrogance. No one can be saved except the old grandmother who rides her Jesus.

Shortly after that, Ki Hajar approached the little boy and invited him to go see Nyai Selakanta. It turned out that the little boy was the incarnation of the New Dragon Klinting whose body had been eaten by the villagers. Until now, the water immersion still exists and becomes a well known as Telaga Rawa Pening.


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