Nasi Jangkrik Daun Jati is a delicious food from Kudus with side dishes of buffalo meat combined with spicy and savory spices. It’s delicious to eat for breakfast or lunch while it’s still warm with a pack of teak leaves which has a delicious aroma, which will certainly really spoil the tongue of the audience

The name is indeed unique, because this food is a dish handed down from generation to generation which is also a favorite menu of Sunan Kudus during the spread of Islam in the Holy environment.

This food is widely sold around the Menara Kudus Mosque. Buffalo meat which is known for its coarse texture can be processed in such a way that it becomes soft and not tough when bitten. Buffalo meat is usually used in a mixture of cricket rice mixed with other spices, namely red chilies, garlic, galangal, and coconut milk.

This Nasi Jangkrik Daun Jati is sold at a price of around IDR 5,000 to IDR 15,000 per portion and depending on the size of the food, this food can eliminate your hunger when spending time on vacation in the city of Kudus, located in Central Java Province.

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