Have you ever seen the extreme and dangerous art of dancing? Did you know that Indonesia also has an extreme dance art. One of the extreme dance arts from Indonesia is the plate dance (Tari Piring).

This traditional dance art originates from Solok, West Sumatra. According to legend, this dance was originally a ritual of gratitude for the local community to the gods after getting bountiful harvests.

The ritual is carried out by carrying offerings in the form of food placed on a plate while moving with dynamic movements. After the entry of Islam to Minangkabau, the plate dance was no longer used as a ritual to give thanks to the gods.

However, the dance is used as a means of entertainment for the community, which is displayed at crowd events. The plate dance movement in general is to put two plates on two palms. The dancer is swinging the plate in fast movements,

Why is this plate dance a dangerous and extreme dance? Because in performing this dance, it is usually interspersed with clinking a plate or two rings on the dancer’s finger against the plate he is carrying. At the end of the dance, usually the plates brought by the dancers are thrown on the floor and the dancers will dance on the broken plates.

The art of this plate dance is usually performed by dancers who have special abilities and skills so that when dancing on the broken glass they do not experience injury, especially in the legs. So, the plate dance can only be performed by dancers who already have special skills and have been trained to dance agile.

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Source : wikipedia


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