Various delicious Indonesian foods are very famous in the world. There are various traditional Indonesian foods which of course taste sweet and delicious. One of those sweet and delicious foods is Ubi Sago Porridge.

Sweet potato porridge is Maluku food with a sweet taste, making it suitable for breaking the fast menu. This snack is prepared from walnuts, red sweet potato, and a mixture of sago slabs. As a flavor enhancer, pandan leaves, granulated sugar and brown sugar are added.

The process of making it uses sago which is soaked for an hour until it expands. Then, mix the sago with natural flavors, and cook until the sugar dissolves. Next, bring the sugar water to a boil again, add the red sweet potato, and also the soft sago.

This food is cooked until thick and cooked. To add to the enjoyment, this porridge is served with a special sauce. In the form of a mixture of pandan leaves, grated coconut, coconut milk, salt, and a sprinkling of walnuts. All the ingredients used are really delicious, and make anyone addicted. You are interested? Come on, visit Indonesia and get interesting information from


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