In ancient times, there was a husband and wife who had fourteen children. There are seven boys and seven girls. The husband and wife have a large garden on the island of Timor.

Suri lkun is the name of one of their seven sons. Budi thinks well. He is honest, helpful, and devoted to his parents. He is also happy to help his seven sisters. Because of that, Suri Ikun was loved by her parents and her seven sisters.

In contrast to his six brothers who are very lazy and timid.

One day, wild boars came to attack the husband and wife’s garden. The attack of wild boar made crops fail and many crops were damaged.

The farmer is confused, if the harvest fails, how can he support his many children. Suri lkun advised all the boys to take turns guarding the garden every night. The father was pleased with the idea. Seven boys were enough to take turns looking after the garden for once a week. But instead of being happy with the six boys, they were furious and angry. They are lazy and timid. Don’t want to work hard.

But the idea must be implemented for the survival of the whole family. Finally, like it or not, the seven boys have to take turns in guarding their father’s garden. However, because they are afraid of the wild boar, the six brothers plot a strategy so that Suri Ikun always looks after her father’s garden.

“Suri lkun, I’m not good at archery, so it’s better for you to guard our garden tonight,” said his brother. Without thinking that she had been tricked, Suri Ikun complied with her brother’s wishes. Day by day, his six older siblings continued to give the same reasons. In the end, it was Suri Ikun who had to look after the garden every night.

One day, Suri Ikun managed to shoot a wild boar that was about to destroy his garden. He brought the game home. How cute their six older brothers were, they divided the boar meat only for them, while Suri Ikun only left the head.

“I don’t like eating wild boar, so you can eat all of them,” said Suri Ikun.

The six older brothers just laughed seeing their little brother get nothing. The kindhearted Suri lkun was loved by her parents. This caused the jealousy of his six older brothers. They planned evil intentions.

Like the story of the Prophet Yusuf as a child. One of his brothers persuaded Suri Ikun to go hunting in the forest. They want to harm Suri Ikun by feeding them to the forest ghosts on the outskirts of the village who like to eat humans.

Without the slightest suspicion, Suri Ikun complied with the invitation of his six brothers. It was getting late, the seven brothers went into the haunted forest.

Suri lkun was secretly left by her six brothers in the forest. He screamed for his brother. “Brothers …! Where are you?” shouted Suri lkun.

Every time Suri Ikun shouted for her brother, a forest ghost who always answered her so that Suri Ikun got lost in the forest.

Because they don’t know the way home, it’s easy for the forest ghost to catch them. But because of Suri Ikun’s thin and small body, the forest ghosts discouraged them from eating Suri Ikun. The forest ghost then hides Suri lkun in a cave. Suri always feeds so that her body becomes fat and inborn

When Suri Ikun was busy sitting in the cave, suddenly two small birds came to Suri Ikun’s lap. The two little birds looked injured and nearly died. The two little birds looked sad because they were trapped in the cave. With love, Suri lkun treated the two little birds. He cared for it until the little bird healed from his wound. Every day the bird was fed. When the two birds recovered and became big and strong birds, the two birds returned the favor to Suri lkun.

You must be a good human. You definitely want to get out of this forest. Come, we invite you to go to a very beautiful place, “said the two birds.

The two birds took Suri lkun out of the forest. Finally, he was free from the grip of the forest ghosts who wanted to devour him. The two birds carried Suri lkun flying over the hills and the sea. Sure enough, the two birds brought Suri lkun to a very beautiful and magnificent palace.

“Because you have a noble heart, we will present the palace and its contents to you,” said the bird.

How happy Suri Ikun got that gift. Because not only did he get a magnificent and beautiful palace, but he also got a beautiful empress and brave bodyguards. People in that country are very friendly and kind.


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