A well-known ghost story in eastern Indonesia, Suanggi is the name for a black magic for people who practice it. Suanggi is very feared by the community, because it is widely used to kill people, especially those who are not liked. The existence of Suanggi is also a threat to the local community, and is quite anxious.

Most residents believe that if they talk about Suanggi then he will appear and kill the person, that’s why the topic of talking about Suanggi is one of the prohibitions for the local community. Not a few of the local residents, especially those who live in the interior of Papua, are afraid to leave the house when night falls. The fear of suanggi is the reason they limit their activities at night.

Another thing that makes local people so afraid of the figure of Suanggi is not because of its shape, but what the ghost of Suanggi is doing. That said, Suanggi can be asked to do something evil, such as killing a person or simply making the person sick. Suanggi’s way of killing also varies. It is said that Suanggi can eat human flesh from a distance, so that the person will eventually die from illness.

In addition, another way if Suanggi wants to kill someone, is only by using a spell or turning into a shadow to the victim’s house. Usually, within a few days the victim becomes ill due to something unusual. The medical approach was unable to detect it. Then Suanggi will eat the victim’s body to add to his black magic.

Suanggi’s characteristics are difficult to see with the naked eye. Some say if you smell the scent of cuscus, then Suanggi is around us. The form that is most often seen from the figure of Suanggi is a form of fire ball floating in the air.

The story of Suanggi does not only exist in Papua, there are several versions from other regions such as Maluku and East Nusa Tenggara.

In East Nusa Tenggara. Suanggi’s most phenomenal story in society is about a grandmother who keeps a lot of jealousy in her heart. That said, this envy applies to everyone who is also the surrounding community. Because of this envy, the grandmother then went to the forest to worship the big tree in the forest, she did it for 40 days.

One day, the grandmother finally heard a whisper telling her to go home and start practicing the magic that was given. However, after practicing magic, the grandmother died. The local community who found his body named it suanggi. It is said that he said, the spirit of the grandmother was looking for victims.

according to another version from Maluku, to be precise in the Tobelo area, Regency in the Halmahera Islands, it is also told about the form of Suanggi who is like a beautiful woman. Suanggi will annoy the masher men, she will tease the man so that he wants to have sex.

After that, then Suanggi took action by attacking and eating the genitals of the masher man blindly. This myth spread and stuck in the community so that people did not dare to leave the house to avoid the ghost of Suanggi.

Basically, Suanggi Science is very dangerous, according to his belief if humans who study this science do not carry out one of the conditions proposed, it can have fatal consequences that will befall its owner.

Source : jitunews