Each region in Indonesia has its own uniqueness, such as local languages, traditional clothes, special foods, and the habits of the people.

The meaning of the Bakar Batu ceremony

Maybe not many people know that Papua has a quite unique tradition, that is Bakar Batu ceremony. This is an important traditional ceremony performed by the people there.

The purpose of this ceremony is to show gratitude, welcome happiness over birth, death, or be carried out to gather soldiers while fighting.

The tribes who live in mountainous regions are known for their cooking, by burning stones. This is the tribe that usually performs the Batu Bakar ceremony.

This unique ceremony does not only have one designation, for example the Paniai people call it Gapiia and the people of Wamena call it the Oba Isogoa Kit.

The process of the Bakar Batu  ceremony

This tradition begins with the handing over of pigs as offerings by each ethnic group, some people will dance, then some people will prepare stones and wood. Initially the stone will be stacked up to such an extent then burned to the stone becomes hot.

There is something interesting in the process of hunting pigs that are believed by local people. When the chieftain archery then the pig dies immediately, this means that the program will be successful. Meanwhile, if pigs do not die immediately, they are sure that the show will most likely not be successful.

After the stone was already hot, the thing they did next was to cook the pork offering earlier. The men of this tribe were tasked with digging a fairly deep hole, then the hot stone was inserted into a hole that had been given a base of banana leaves and reeds. Banana leaves and reeds are useful for blocking hot steam on the rock so it does not disappear and evaporate.

On the hot stone, leaves are added as a place for chunks of pork, vegetables, and sweet potatoes to be placed. That’s how the people there to cook food, use hot stones to make food cooked.

This tradition creates togetherness

After the food is cooked, everyone gathers in their respective groups and then starts eating together. They believe that this tradition can create togetherness in everyone.

Today, the Batu Bakar tradition is not only done during celebrations of birth and happiness again. This tradition is growing and starting to be used to welcome large guests who are visiting Papua, for example state officials.