The West Sumatra region is rich in culinary fields. One of the various culinary riches is Soto Padang. Soto Padang is a traditional food of the Minangkabau tribe. This food is characterized by such as soup and broth.

Soto Padang is different from other soup. What are the differences? Soto Padang usually uses beef broth with dry fried beef slices, rice noodles (rice flour noodles), added potato patties and served hot.

Soto Padang has a very delicious taste and delicious when eaten, especially when it is raining. Eating Soto Padang can also warm the body and of course can increase stamina. If you want to add a spicy flavor, you can usually add it with sambal balado, a typical Soto Padang.

To try to eat Soto Padang, it is usually sold in restaurants that sell various typical Minangkabau culinary delights or Padang Restaurant that provides Soto Padang menus. So, are you interested in trying out traditional Indonesian culinary delights? Come on, enjoy a variety of traditional Indonesian culinary.