Manado, this city is famous for having beautiful diving spots. One of them is the Bunaken Marine Park which is well known to foreign countries so that this city is always flooded with tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists.

Not only its natural attractions, Manado also has delicious culinary delights. If you visit Manado, besides enjoying natural and culinary tourism, don’t forget to bring home Manado souvenirs for your closest relatives. What are some typical Manado souvenirs that are famous for their delicious taste?

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1. Klappertaart Klappertaart

Klapertaart is a typical Dutch cake with a touch of Indonesian culture. Klappertaart actually means coconut cake or coconut tart. This Klapertaart is made from young coconut, flour, sugar, milk, margarine and coconut water. This cake is usually served cold. Klapertaart is a favorite of many people because of its sweet taste and soft texture.

Klapertaart can last up to 12 hours as long as it is wrapped in a tight container and kept in a cool temperature. But if you plan to take it flying from Manado to Jakarta or other cities, this cake can still survive, as long as it arrives at the location immediately put in the refrigerator. The price of this klapertaart ranges from 15,000 Rupiah to 60,000 Rupiah depending on the size.

2. Halua walnuts

Halua kenari Halua Kenari is a typical Manado cake made with walnuts as the main ingredient. Canary nuts are plants that thrive in North Sulawesi. These walnuts are coated with brown sugar that has been melted. It is not difficult for you to find this favorite Manado snack, because so many are sold in souvenir shops. The price set for this food ranges from 10,000 – 45,000 Rupiah depending on the size and weight of the contents. This snack is a great companion to enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee.

3. Panada

One of the popular foods in Manado besides klapertaart is panada. Actually, this food is not typical of Manado, but is a food from the Portuguese who came to Minahasa several centuries ago. The name Panada itself means empanada, which is a food filling in the form of fish wrapped in bread. This cake has a shape like a pastel, but with a different filling, namely skipjack fish seasoned panpis.

The panpis seasoning itself is skipjack fish cooked with shallots, lime leaves, basil, red chilies and leeks. The price of this cake is priced starting at 1,250 Rupiah. The more expensive it means the more contents.

4. Nutmeg Sweet

Nutmeg Sweet is a typical Manado snack which is well known to neighboring countries, and has even been exported to Malaysia. Manado sweet nutmeg has a different appearance compared to candied nutmeg made from other places. Manado sweet nutmeg is made from nutmeg with liquid sugar as a sweetener, so the texture is shiny and cleaner.

In other areas, candied nutmeg generally uses sugar. The price set for this sweet nutmeg is an average of 40,000 Rupiah per pack. You can find this sweet nutmeg in various corners of Manado city, and also at the counter at Sam Ratulangi Airport Manado or Bitung Port

5. Shake peanuts

Shake peanuts are a snack that is sure to always be present in Manado community celebration events. Shaking beans are atomic beans wrapped in flour which are then coated with sugar on the outer layer so they have various colors. The name of the rocking bean itself is taken according to the manufacturing process, because the making of this bean must be shaken.

There is one area which is famous as the area for making bouncy beans in Kotamobagu. The ingredients that are usually used to make these nuts include van houten chocolate, white sugar, and food coloring agents that have been registered as safe. The price of these beans ranges from 10,000 Rupiah to 25,000 Rupiah.

6. Amurang dodol

Dodol Amurang Not only is the city of Garut famous for its dodol, it turns out that Manado also has its own unique dodol, namely dodol amurang. Amurang dodol is mostly produced in South Minahasa Regency. This dodol is made from palm sugar, mashed glutinous rice, virgin coconut oil that has not been filtered to take coconut milk, nuts and cinnamon.

After all the ingredients are combined and wrapped in coconut leaves, this dodol is steamed at 120 degrees heat. Amurang dodol is a mandatory food for the Manado community’s thanksgiving event. The price of this dodol ranges from 500 to 5,000 Rupiah depending on its size.

7. Skipjack tuna

Cakalang Fufu Spicy food lovers will love skipjack fufu. This typical Manado food is made from skipjack fish which has undergone a smoking process. The fumigation process in Manado is called fufu. That’s why it is called as skipjack fufu. This skipjack tuna can be found at the Bitung Fishing Port.

The large supply of fish makes residents in coastal areas preserve the fish. Before smoking, first clean the fish and remove its scales. Then split in half and covered with spices. The fumigation process itself takes 4 hours. The price per fish varies depending on the size, usually ranging from 35,000 to 65,000 Rupiah.

8. Sambal roa Sambal Roa

Sambal roa is a typical sambal from Manado that is well known throughout Indonesia and has many fans. Sambal roa is a chili sauce made from smoked roa fish. This smoked roa fish is crushed until smooth. This refined roa fish is then cooked with spices and oil. This Sambal Roa is very delicious to enjoy with hot rice.

In Manado itself, sambal roa is usually enjoyed with Manado porridge. This chili sauce can last up to six months at room temperature, and up to a year if stored in the refrigerator. The price of this chili sauce is between 55,000 and 65,000 rupiah.

So, have you tried buying souvenirs from Manado to share with your loved ones?