Who else is on the island of Java? well if you are on the island of Java which is the 13th largest island in the whole world, it is very nice if you taste a variety of delicious culinary delights from East Java, Central Java, and West Java, so you want to know what culinary delights you must. try while in Java? Here are some of the best known traditional Javanese foods. and of course you must try.

1. Rujak Cingur

This first culinary is indeed the most famous East Java culinary and always makes a traveler curious about the taste, for those of you who don’t know what cingur salad looks like? nah cingur rujak consists of pieces of fruit given Cingur (cow’s mouth), vegetables, tofu, and cingur rujak spices consisting of chilies, paste, brown sugar, garlic, fried peanuts, crushed and then mixed with a serving of cingur salad which is the perfect combination. When you are in East Java, especially in Surabaya, you really have to try this one culinary, guaranteed you will be spoiled with 1 portion of cingur salad which is usually enjoyed with crackers. Can you imagine how it feels?

2. Lontong Balap

Have you ever tried this culinary? So why is it named Lotong Balap? because in ancient times in East Java there were lontong sellers who usually carried their wares around the city of Surabaya and usually these traders ran faster, so they were called racing lotongs, until now lontong racing is still very legendary in East Java, guys.

For those who don’t know what the lontong balap consists of? Well, Lotong Balap consists of rice cake, bean sprouts, fried tofu, lenthok, soy sauce, fried onions, chili sauce, and its distinctive flavor, salty, sweet, savory, it will be more delicious if eaten warm.

3. Tahu Tek (Tofu Tek)

Tahu Tek? well, the name of this third culinary is no less unique than the second culinary, well guys, why are you named tofu? because the seller of tofu is usually going around and tapping the fork into the frying pan so that it gives a sound of “tek-tek-tek”, so it is named tek tofu.

So, have you tried eating tofu tek? know this tek you can usually find at night. This portion of tofu consists of fried tofu, rice cake, bean sprouts, crackers, french fries, cucumber, eggs, and of course tofu, which consists of purih onions, petis, soy sauce, fried peanuts, chilies which makes 1 portion of tofu tek that is really delicious . Come on, hurry up and try to eat tofu tek while in Java, to find out this tek is easy enough you can get it in East Java, Central Java, and West Java.

4. Nasi Pecel

Pecel rice maybe this culinary delicacy is well known in Indonesia, even abroad, this pecel rice is a typical East Java food that is commonly found in Surabaya, Malang, and Jember. This culinary consists of rice with side dishes, then poured with a slightly spicy peanut sauce, and enjoyed with peyek, a portion of this pecel rice has a very delicious taste.

5. Lumpia Semarang

This one market snack is a typical Central Javanese food. surely you all know that spring rolls consist of anything, usually one spring roll contains chicken, eggs, shrimp, vegetables and it will be more delicious if eaten hot then dipped into sauce or eaten with fresh green chilies, This 1 lumpia is perfect to accompany you during the day, afternoon, or evening in Central Java, when you are in Semarang you really have to try this culinary, Semarang spring rolls are really delicious. let’s try

6. Tofu Petis (Tahu Petis)

Tofu petis is also a typical Central Java snack which is a favorite for travelers. This tofu is usually fried and then added with black milk, which is a paste sauce consisting of boiled shrimp and fish that is cooked until thick, thus creating 1 delicious paste. Tofu petis is the most delicious when eaten hot and then dipped in the sweet, salty, savory paste, and of course, for you to be addicted, just 1 tofu paste when eating, you will definitely ask for 1 to 2 more. Intrigued by the taste of petis tofu? let’s hunt tofu petis

7. Nasi Gandul

Nasi Gandul is a typical Pati food which is very famous in Central Java. This gandul rice is rice that is usually served on banana leaves which gives a delicious aroma that tempts anyone when they smell the aromana, for those of you who don’t know what this gandul rice consists of? well the gandul rice consists of white rice, eggs, beef, and yellow seasoned coconut milk. 1 portion of gandul rice will taste delicious if enjoyed with 1 cracker, so when you are in Pati you really have to try the gandul rice.

8. Lontong Curry

This last food is a typical West Java food consisting of rice cake, peanut sauce, beef, fried onions, curry spices, eggs, and creates a delicious savory taste. One serving of curry lontong is only priced at 10 thousand, this food is not only cheap, but very delicious, guys, when you are in West Java you must try the curry lotong. This curry lontong will taste delicious when eaten warm and eaten using crackers.

Those are some of the culinary delights in Java that you must try, guaranteed to try it once you will be addicted. Come on, try a variety of culinary delights in Java, guaranteed your holiday will be fun, Hurry up looking for Javanese culinary, hopefully the information on traditional Javanese culinary above is useful for those of you who are looking for what Javanese culinary is really recommended to try, Good luck and enjoy Indonesian culinary.

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