Even though this country is very small, Singapore is capable of developing sophisticated technology. One of them is making fake chicken meat or fake chicken meat that can be consumed by humans.

The manufacture of artificial meat has been developed in recent years, this meat is formed from animal cells that are developed to become meat that is similar to the original. Even the taste of meat is true to the original, be it chicken, beef, and other livestock for consumption.

The goal of creating meat from this lab is so that in the future it will be easier for mankind to consume meat, not having to wait for the harvest of animals that are quite old.

Although currently the creation of artificial meat is still expensive, in the future the price of artificial meat will be cheaper with the large number of production and also if this artificial meat is in demand by the world community. There are no more livestock that are slaughtered carelessly, especially when meat is now an expensive commodity that is not affordable for the lowly community.

The condition of Covid also forces the development of healthy imitation meat and is protected from the increasing number of bacteria and viruses in animals, one of which is Singapore which was the first to give permission for this imitation meat to be sold to the public.

It is very likely that in the future there will be many countries that will follow Singapore’s steps, it seems that in the future artificial meat will be more easily found. So, are you interested in trying to eat mock chicken? Come on, get other interesting information from indonesiar.com.

Source : kaskus


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