Si Pitung is a good young man, he is diligent in worship and virtuous. It comes from Rawa Belong. Apart from learning to recite, he also learned martial arts to Haji Naipin. It does not feel As time goes on, the Seven incarnate into the figure of a mighty young adult. It has a supply of religious knowledge and pencak siIat.

At the same time, the Dutch colonialists were actively digging for the natural wealth of the Indonesian nation based in Batavia. The people’s energy is squeezed in the brutality of forced labor. Countless victims fell. Others live in misery and hunger. Witnessing the statement, a feeling of pity arose in the heart of Si Pitung. Partisanship of his own people who changed the destiny of Si Pitung.

Together with Rais and Jii, the Pitung robbed the house of the tow and the rich landlord. The proceeds of the robbery were then distributed to the poor. Of course over time, the activities of the Seven disturbed the Company.

The company used various means to capture the Seven. At first, he persuaded people to testify by imagining a large enough gift. If the attempt fails, the company does not hesitate to force it with force.

Finally, the company managed to get information about the family of the Seven. The advantage, is the disadvantage as well. The family as a source of motivation for the Seven is exactly the weak point. The company immediately took hostages both its parents and Haji Naipin. With severe torture, the existence of the Seven and the secret of his immune system was finally revealed.

His high martial arts knowledge and bullet-proof body, facilitated every act of robbery. He had robbed many of his touke and landlord houses, but he was not even caught. After all, people do not tell about the existence of the seven. It has done a lot for the people.

One day, the Seven and his friends were found. The Seven tried to fight. However, that day was indeed a bad day for him. The secret of his immune system that has kept him alive has been known to the company. The Seven, the hero of the little people was thrown rotten eggs and shot many times. Finally, it was Dun who breathed his last as a defender of the common people.


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