In the old days, in the Kampar area, Si Lancang lived with his mother. They are concerned about their daily lives relying on a meager income as farm laborers. This situation made Si Lancang think of improving his fortune by going abroad.

One day, Si Lancang left for the land of the people. It is said that Si Lancang worked hard for many years. All his struggles were not in vain, he succeeded in achieving his ambition to become a rich man. He became a merchant who owned dozens of merchant ships. However, he forgot about his mother and all his sweet promises first.

One day, Si Lancang stopped in Kampar. The news of Si Lancang’s arrival was heard by his mother. He thought that the Lancang was coming home for himself. Courageously, he boarded the deck of Si Lancang’s luxury ship. The mother immediately approached Si Lancang and his seven wives. How surprised Si Lancang was when he saw that the woman in the tattered camping dress was his mother. However, the hope of Si Lancang’s mother is just hope. Shame and anger he could not stand. His mother immediately approached him.Advertising

“You are lazy, my son! Oh… how much my mother misses you. ” Hearing the greeting, Lancang was so brave that he rejected his mother’s confession while shouting.

“How can I have a poor mother like you. Sailors! Get rid of this crazy woman! ”

Feeling devastated, her mother left all her fantasies about her son. The heart wound is like being cut into nine. When he arrived home, he lost his sanity and his love because of the bad treatment he received. He took the inheritance he had in the form of a rice fist mortar and a nyiru. He turned the mortar and waved the nyiru while saying, “Oh my God… punish the rebellious child.”

It didn’t take long, God granted the old mother’s request. In an instant, a hurricane came down. The storm hit the merchant ships belonging to Si Lancang and his belongings. According to local folklore, the sutranya cloth floated and fell into the state of Lipat Kain located in Kampar Kiri. His gong was thrown into Kampar Kanan and became the Ogong River. The pottery floated into Pasubilah, while the flagpole of the Lancang ship was thrown until it reached a lake named Danau Si Lancang. Until now, the name of the place is still there and we can see.


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