Penyengat Island, Los Island and Paku Island are three places that are closely related. Among the three islands, Penyengat Island is larger and densely populated. In the history of the Riau-Lingga Kingdom, Penyengat Island is very important. Not only as a gift for Mas Kawin and Sultan Mahmud to Engku Putri or Raja Hamidah. But also in 1808 AD it became the seat of the Kingdom government. Namely when Raja Ja’far who was appointed Yang Dipertuan Muda VI replaced Raja Ali, making Penyengat Island the center of his residence and government.

In addition, Penyengat Island was well known, long before the Riau Kingdom was moved from Johor to Hulu Riau. Namely as an island that sailors stop by to get clean water. And it is said that on the island there are many kinds of stinging animals such as bees. Until then the island was named Penyengat.

Meanwhile, Los Island is much smaller and uninhabited. Its position is not far from Penyengat Island. If we look at the Tanjungpinang Seaport, the position of Los Island is to the right of Penyengat Island. From the end of Senggarang, Los Island is very close.

It is not clear why Los Island is uninhabited, but according to the stories of old people, Los Island was once a pirate’s den when the reign of the Riau-Lingga Kingdom ended. It is said that, according to the story, Los Island was also used as a dumping ground for bad people.

For fishermen in the past, in the area around Los Island there was a place that was feared, because it is said that there was a kind of tidal wave that often came suddenly. About the truth, God knows best.

And what about Paku Island?

Paku Island is actually just a kind of shoal (shoal) land in the middle of the sea between Teluk Keriting and Penyengat. I don’t know why and how the story goes until the land of knots or shoals is called an island. What is clear is that the tide in Paku Island is sinking and is not visible, but if the tide is low, it will be seen. And it is said that formerly on Paku Island, a kind of tree grew. It is also said that Paku Island is a symbol of prosperity.

This is the case with Penyengat Island, Los Island and Paku Island. Then, how does Jangoi’s story match the title of this story? Jangoi, according to the meaning in Malay is naughty. Or a bad boy. Or maybe the name Jangoi was only given as the name of a character in this story, but that is not so certain.

Well, according to the owner of the story, the life of the people on Penyengat Island is very harmonious and happy. The people are friendly, polite, and have mutual love for one another. Their happiness in life is somewhat disturbed when a child named Jangoi appears.

Jangoi is the nickname for a bad boy, who likes to tease people. Moreover, teasing the virgin, no matter morning, noon, evening or night. When people net, Jangoi likes to break people’s nets. Once upon a time, something was done or disturbed.

Once, the villagers were furious and angry with Jangoi, until one day Jangoi was arrested and tied to a tree. But somehow, e’eh… .. suddenly Jangoi broke free and disappeared. The village people were surprised. Even though the ties on the tree were so strong, Jangoi was able to break free.

For several days, since Jangoi was arrested and disappeared, the village has calmed down somewhat. I have never heard of Jangoi who likes to annoy people. But the peace did not last long. Apparently out of nowhere, suddenly Jangoi appeared again. This time his behavior was even more evil. Not only like to disturb or harass, but deliberately chasing girls or virgins who want to go or return the Koran. So that some virgins or children are afraid to go to the Koran.

In fact, one night, Jangoi hid in a lush tree. He wore white clothes, like a corpse that had just come out of a grave. I don’t know whose mukena he stole.

As soon as people came home from the surau and passed through the leafy point, Jangoi came out hopping like an institution or a ghost. So they scattered running, screaming in fear from the people, especially women and children. The locals were furious! So a sense is searched to catch Jangoi. The villagers deliberately stalked and looked for Jangoi’s negligence.

As a result, at one point, Jangoi was caught by the villagers. Crowds of villagers paraded Jangoi. Her hands were tied behind her back. Arriving at a large tree, the Jangoi tied up. For once, Jangoi didn’t just leave. Rather, it is guarded by adults. Take turns taking care. Anyway, the term people say, you can’t be leke.

Huh! You just taste it now, huh? You won’t be able to let go again, Jangoi. We take care of you alternately, “said the man who guarded him.

What did Jangoi answer?

“If there are people who take care of it too. You people are my guard, Jangoi! ” Jeered Jangoi.

“God damn it! You son of a miracle! ” said the guard angrily.

“I was tied up, you are the guard. You are also tired! ” Jangoi mocked again. Upset was also the person guarding him to see Jangoi’s temper.

“Hey, listen! Slaves like you don’t need to be served! ” The Guardian said angrily.

“No, serve already! I also have nothing to lose! ” The Jangoi replied, laughing.

Yep…. If you are not still a slave anymore, I have crushed it, you ‘ni! ” Once furious at the Guard saw Jangoi’s temper. Adaaaa…. Only answer. So the guard did not want to serve Jangoi anymore.

It’s really extraordinary, people say, can’t be leke. Even though the people who take care of it really and are taken care of alternately. But in the blink of an eye, Jangoi may disappear from the point where he was tied. The guards searched frantically, until they flattened the place. But the Jangoi lost his way in the earth.

Finally, the village people became desperate. They no longer know how to find and arrest Jangoi. The village people were very worried that Jangoi would appear again and make a worse temper. And sure enough, it didn’t take a week for Jangoi to appear. For once, it is not virgins, children or women, but parents who are harassed and feared. Like being a kind of oil person !.

The village atmosphere is really dark, made by Jangoi !. So finally the village people gathered led by the parents in the village. They deliberate to find the best solution.

O village people, it looks like Jangoi’s temper, we can’t just ignore it. The Jangoi has caused a riot in our village! ” said the Old Man.

“If you get this once, we’ll just rejam, Knock!” said one resident.

“But that Jangoi is still a slave again, he won’t be stoned either!” said another resident.

They are still slaves, but their behavior has gone too far! It has made our village a mess! ” Said one of the other residents as well.

“The important thing is we can capture the slave named Jangoi first. How and what should we do, let it be later when Jangoi is caught. We don’t let that Jangoi riot in our village anymore. That’s what’s important! ” finally the old man who led the deliberation said.

Many village people were hunting and trying to catch Jangoi. On the evening before sunset, the Jangoi started to annoy people who were going to pray.

So at once the village people who were already ready, immediately chased after Jangoi.

So there was a chase, even though there were many people chasing him, it was not easy to catch Jangoi. Jangoi is good at rubbing, running, hiding here. The body is like an eel, slippery. Bad at being caught. But with persistent efforts from the villagers, Jangoi was caught in the end.

Once the jangoi was caught, several adults tied and flanked him so he could not run. Immediately brought before the parents.

Hey Jangoi…. I was about to ask you. Please answer honestly…. What do you really mean by disturbing the village people, so that you act like an oil person! ” Ask Parents. But Jangoi didn’t answer, he just laughed it off.

“Fine, if you don’t want to answer. But please tell me, what knowledge did you use so that you can untie the ties and lose yourself… ”Asked the old man patiently.

It turned out that Jangoi still didn’t want to answer, he was still silent and just smiling. The old man was running out of patience, but he still held back. Then the Old Man said again,

“Now explain what the conditions are so that you can’t let go and disappear again!”

“Is it true that village people want to get rid of me from this village?” Suddenly Jangoi spoke.

“You very naughty slave, who disappeared completely from this village!” said a resident angrily.

“If you don’t want to tell us the conditions, we will burn your body alive!” the other said.

Hearing that his body was about to be burned, Jangoi was scared. “No, don’t burn it. I won’t die, but will suffer terribly… ”

Said the Jangoi in fear.

“Then state the conditions!” Said the old man in the village.

“OK! If the village people really hated me, and wanted to get rid of me, it would be easy. Condition, separate my body into three parts. Head, torso and feet. ” Jangoi explained.

Hearing the explanation from Jangoi, the village people were very surprised. Terumanya the Old Man. Actually it just wanted to scare you. They will not laugh or have their hearts burnt Jangoi alive, let alone have to cut Jangoi’s body into three parts, head, body and legs.

Seeing the village people were so shocked and didn’t seem to have the heart to cut himself into three pieces, Jangoi said, “Why are people so scared and don’t have the heart to behead me? If my body is not separated, I will not die and I will continue to mess around! ” Said the Jangoi.

His words really made village people go awry. If you don’t do what Jangoi said. Kampong won’t be safe. But if they did the conditions stated by Jangoi, they also didn’t have the heart. With various considerations, finally the Jangoi was killed. However, the villagers did not follow his instructions from Jangoi to separate the three parts of his body.

Finally, less than a week the Jangoi rose from his grave, and came back to life, and messed up the villagers even more severely. Si Jangoi really is the kind of oil guy. They forced the villagers to look for knowledgeable people, smart people, to arrest Jangoi. After trying hard, Jangoi finally got caught.

“O people of the village, we really have to do like the directions given by this jangoi. Because that’s the advice, if we don’t do it. Si Jangoi will continue with the chain. Even more and more day after day, it gets more evil. Indeed we don’t have the heart, because the jangoi is still a slave again. For the sake of the crowd, we are forced to sacrifice Jangoi! “Thus said the clever man at length.

Finally, feeling completely wrong, the village people did what Jangoi said. It is said that Jangoi’s head was planted on Los Island, his body was planted on Penyengat Island, while his feet were planted on Paku Island. What a miracle!

Since that incident, Jangoi never appeared again. Kampong then returned to its original peace. Therefore, if there is a naughty child, it is always called someone, Huh! Acting like Jangoi! “


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