Garut is a regency in West Java which is famous for its natural beauty. In fact, some Dutch people in the past dubbed Garut as Swiss van Java.

Apart from being famous for its traditional snack food called Dodol, Garut Regency has several very interesting attractions that are characteristic of the area. The attraction is called the Sheep Fighting Attraction.

Sheep fighting attraction is an indigenous cultural art from the Garut Regency. Garut Regency is known as the center of the best sheep farming in Indonesia.

In this area, the Sheep fighting Attraction is usually staged only at certain events. These attractions are staged roughly in June, August and December each year.

The location of the attraction for the rams is usually staged in the villages of Ngamplang, Cangkuang and Ranca Bango, Garut. Before the sheep begin to be competed, the event will be accompanied by various strains of music and traditional arts being staged.

When the Sheep Fighting Attraction began to be held, various people from various backgrounds poured out at the location of the event. Not only the indigenous people of Garut, sometimes tourists from outside the region or even from abroad become spectators of this attraction show.

This sheepfighting attraction has a long history. The story is that the Regent of Garut, named Suryakanta Legawa, who ruled in the era of 1815-1829, often visited the sheep farm of his close friend, Haji Saleh.

Of the many sheep raised by Haji Saleh, Regent Suryakanta was interested in a sheep named Si Lenjang. The Regent of Suryakanta wants to marry Si Lenjang with a sheep that is raised in the district’s hall named Si Dewa.

Haji Saleh also granted the Regent’s wish. From the marriage of Si Lenjang and Si Dewa, a baby lamb named Si Toblo was born.

From Si Toblo, who had children, Garut sheep were born, which can be seen today. It is said that the fighting sheep that are staged during the competition are the descendants of Si Toblo.

Garut sheep are indeed different in appearance from sheep from other regions in Indonesia. Strong body, good posture and brave. The attraction of competing against the sheep is even more interesting to watch. This is the original Garut culture that should be preserved. So, are you interested in spending your best vacation in Garut Regency?


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