Sengsu or Tongseng Asu is a type of curry with a stronger flavor and aroma. The most difference is the use of the meat. Tongseng is made using meat that is still attached to the bones, especially the ribs and spine.

Sengsu generally uses dog meat. In addition, add vegetables such as cabbage, garlic, tomatoes and soy sauce to the thick sauce. The marinade is stir-stir consisting of a mixture of salt, garlic, soy sauce, and pepper.

Usually Sengsu is sold together with rice and other offal satay. Sengsu can be found in the district of Sleman, Yogyakarta or the surrounding area.

Sengsu also has several variations, one of which is sengsu beef shredded tofu or spicy Sengsu. So, are you interested in tasting the delicacy of this food called Sengsu?

Source : Creative Team Indonesiar


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