In ancient times, there was a king who was descended from the King of Heaven bornumn la Teuleng. He was given the title Batara Lattu. He is blessed with two twins, a boy who is named Lawe or La Madukelleng but better known as Sawerigading. Sadang’s sister named We Tenriyabeng.

Sawerigading and We Tenriyabeng were not raised together. They live separately so that they don’t know each other. Year after year, Sawerigading and We Tenriyabeng grew up. One day, when Sawerigading was walking. suddenly he saw a very beautiful girl pass in front of him. At first glance, Sawerigading fell in love.

“What’s your name pretty girl?” he asked “My name is We Tenriyabeng,” replied We Tenriyabeng with a blush.

Their acquaintance continued. Sawerigading expressed his desire to marry We Tenriyabeng. When the two agreed to ask for the blessing of their parents, how shocked they were to find out that they were separate twins, their feelings were crushed. Sawerigading with a disappointed heart left Luwu and vowed not to return. Meanwhile, We Tenriyabeng had gone somewhere.

Sawerigading, who was then traveling, finally arrived at a country. The country is called China. There he reportedly defeated several knights of the Chinese Kingdom and even the Javanese government of Wolio, namely Setia Bonga. Sawerigading’s love story was not over yet, he met a beautiful Chinese princess named Cudai.

After all this time, Sawerigading turned out to be a mighty captain. On his way, he sailed to Ternate in Maluku, Bima or Sumbawa, East Java, and Central Java, Sunda and Malacca.

After getting married, Sawerigading was blessed with a son, he was named I La Galigo with the vibrations of Datunna Kelling. It is said that I La GaIigo when he grew up became a ship captain like his father. However, he never became a king. l La Galigo is said to have had four wives from various countries. He was also blessed with children, one of whom was named La Tenritatta.

La Tenritatta is the last descendant to be crowned in the Luwu kingdom. The lesson from this story is that we are required to get to know our own brothers and sisters, to have good friendship. Because if we don’t know our own relatives, we might make mistakes with our own brothers.


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