Indonesia has a variety of delicious food. One of the delicious foods is Sate Gogos Pokea. Sate Gogos Pokea has a savory and spicy taste. This typical food is made from the basic ingredients of shellfish combined with chili sauce or local people call it sweet bacem seasoning.

This typical food comes from Kali Pohara, Konawe and Asera regencies, North Konawe, Southeast Sulawesi Province. This seafood-style specialty is easy to find if you have the opportunity to visit Southeast Sulawesi.

The recipe is quite easy. You only need to prepare clam meat that has been skewered like satay. Then it is burned with satay seasoning according to the area you live in. After the clam meat satay is cooked, all you have to do is add the sweet bacem chili sauce typical of the local community, you can also add petai in the presentation. You are interested? Come on, visit Indonesia and get interesting information from


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