Apart from the Sambal terasi, Indonesia has several traditional chilli sauce which are suitable as a traditional food addition. One of the other chili sauce is sambal colo-colo. Sambal Colo-colo is sambak from the Maluku region. At first glance, this traditional sauce looks like dabu-dabu or a typical Manado chili.

The unique thing is that the colo-colo sambal can be freely created. This chili sauce is a combination of cayenne pepper, shallots, tomatoes, and lime juice. Apart from the four compositions, many also enjoy adding basil leaves. Some even add soy sauce as a complement.

But according to the story of the older generation of Maluku people, the original colo-colo sambal does not use soy sauce. This chili sauce adds to the enjoyment of eating fried fish or grilled fish. You just have to dip the fish into the sauce.

The taste of the sambal colo-colo is very spicy. All the ingredients used in this chili sauce go through a refining process. Besides being able to add soy sauce to this typical Maluku food, you can also replace it with sweet soy sauce.

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