Indonesia is a maritime country that has a beautiful and attractive and beautiful ocean panorama. One of the interesting areas in Indonesia is the Anambas Islands Regency. Anambas Islands Regency is an area located in the Riau Islands Province.

This area has the best seafood. One of the most famous fish culinary delights in this district is smoked fish. Salai Tongkol Fish which is a smoked fish that is traditionally processed by several communities in the Anambas Islands Regency, especially the Tarempa area.

In the process of making this traditional food, fish that has been cleaned must go through a curing process, the smoking process is to place the fish to be smoked some distance from the source of smoke (wood burning place) with a distance of approximately 1 meter with a temperature of around 40 – 500 degrees Celsius. with a long curing process for 20 hours – 30 hours.

After going through the smoking process, the fish are then cooled by hanging or arranged in the room for 24 hours. This process ends with packing the smoked fish in plastic packaging.

This food has a delicious and savory taste and can be used as a souvenir. Salai Tongkol Fish is a typical souvenir from the Anambas Islands Regency which is a recommendation to be brought after traveling from Anambas Islands Regency. So, are you interested in traveling and enjoying delicious culinary delights in the Anambas Islands Regency? Come on, take a trip to Indonesia.


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