Indonesia has diversity in culinary. One of the famous traditional foods from Indonesia is Crocodile Bread. Crocodile bread is a traditional bread typical of the Betawi people in Jakarta. This bread is called Roti Crocodile because it consists of two pieces of sweet bread in the shape of a crocodile. Crocodile bread is always present in traditional Betawi wedding ceremonies.

Based on history, the Betawi people knew bread and pastry making from Europeans who settled in Batavia (Jakarta), Portugal and the Netherlands. Before the arrival of the Europeans who introduced bread, this crocodile-shaped dish was made from sweet potatoes or cassava.

In tradition, the Betawi people believe that crocodiles mate with only one partner; Therefore, bread is believed to represent the loyalty of a married couple. At the time of marriage, the bread from the bride’s side is noticed by the guest and the condition of the bread is considered to represent the character of the groom.

Crocodiles are traditionally considered very patient. Apart from loyalty, bread also symbolizes economic stability and represents masculinity. The bread also represents patience because the crocodile is patiently waiting for its prey. This bread, of course, has a sweet taste and of course it’s delicious.

So, have you ever tried to eat the food that is characteristic of this Betawi community? Come on, remain loyal readers of and share information with many people.


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