Indonesia is a country that has a very unique local wisdom tradition. One of these local traditions is a traditional ceremony originating from Kalimantan called Wadian.

Wadian is one of the Dayak tribal (Dusun, Maanyan, Lawangan, Bawo) traditional ceremonies in Central Kalimantan (Kalteng) which adheres to the Kaharingan religion, including in the context of treating sick people.

In the past, there was no known medical treatment, especially for people living in remote areas far from the touch of modernization, the Dayak people who live along the Barito River Basin (DAS) used Wadian’s services to treat illness suffered by family members. The length of time or not the treatment ritual depends on the severity of the illness.

The Wadian ceremony can last for 1 week or more and is carried out continuously. There are several types of wadian that are often practiced by the Dayak Ma’anyan tribe, as well as their benefits and purposes, including Wadian Pangunraun (Pangunraun Jatuh, Pangunraun Jawa), Wadian Dapa, Wadian Tapu Unru, Wadian Dadas, Wadian Bawo, Wadian Bulat. One of the most popular wadian rituals today is the Round Wadian.

It is known, Wadian Bulat is one of the typical arts of the Dayak Maanyan, Lawangan and Bawo hamlets, namely a dance performance accompanied by the attraction of folding limbs such as hands and feet to the head. Wadian round is mostly done by male dancers, because it is more appropriate to do for aesthetic reasons or moral norms. This round wadian attraction is often displayed at welcoming ceremonies for honorable guests, weddings and other joyful celebrations.

The aim is that apart from dispelling all forms of disturbance that threaten the event, this attraction is a form of respect for the guests who come to visit. The round wadian attraction emphasizes the flexibility of the body movement. It’s hard to believe with common sense when you see this attraction first hand.

The dancers who serve as round wadian are believed to be possessed by “ancestral spirits” so that they can easily perform extreme movements that are not usually done by ordinary people. Accompanied by the beats of traditional musical instruments in the form of gongs and drums, the dancers wearing a pair or more of thick metal bracelets as the property of the dances demonstrate their skills.

The faster the rhythm of the accompanying music, the more agile the movements of the dancers in demonstrating the attraction of folding their arms and legs in a circle shape with the head as if one with the hands and feet.

Now, if you are still curious about the round wadian attractions in this area, you can watch it at the Traditional Dayak Ma’anyan Marriage Procession, or you can also watch art and cultural performances, which are a series of annual activities in the framework of the Central Kalimantan Province Anniversary, the Isen Mulang Cultural Festival.

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