Indonesia is a country that has a rich diversity of traditional foods. Of course, the many traditional foods will definitely make you love to spend your best vacation time in Indonesia. One of the areas in Indonesia, there is an area that has delicious traditional food.

Manado is a city in Indonesia. This city has a variety of delicious culinary treasures. One of them is called Rica-rica pork. Pork rica-rica has a very delicious taste even though it is spicy. The preparation of pork rica-rica usually uses chopped pork, using a lot of chopped or mashed red and green chilies, cayenne pepper. onion, garlic, ginger, and a pinch of salt and sugar.

The pounded seasoning is cooked in coconut oil and mixed with lime leaves, lemongrass and lime juice. In Indonesia, spicy seasonings are found in grilled meat, seafood, or chicken dishes. Pork rica-rica certainly has a delicious taste despite the spicy taste.

This food is more delicious eaten in warm conditions with warm white rice. In the Manado area it is very easy to find these traditional foods. So, have you tried eating this delicious traditional food? Come on, enjoy your best holiday by visiting Indonesia.


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