Raden Saleh Having a prominent skill as a great painter since attending a folk school in his day made Raden Saleh a great figure with various awards. Learning from a painter of Belgian descent from the Netherlands, made Raden Pious a multi-talented painter, such as painting with oil paints, plus by going directly to look for landscape objects and painting objects of the Indonesian type in the area he is visiting.

In 1829, Raden Saleh moved to the Netherlands to study, while in Europe Raden Saleh also learned to study animal portrayals combined with human aggression, painting animal life in the desert was also one of the inspirations that came out during his stay in Algeria several months of the year. 1846. Raden Saleh is also believed to be a conservator at the “Association of Art Collections”. From the uniqueness of this artistic soul, Raden Pious was a very inspirational figure in his day.

One of Raden Saleh’s works is the painting of Diponegoro’s arrest, in which the painting depicts that Raden Saleh does not like oppression and believes in the ideals of freedom and independence. Various kinds of awards have flowed from the work of Raden Saleh, both international and Indonesian awards. Raden Saleh married a noble girl from the Keraton Solo descent after his divorce from his previous wife. Batavia is the place where Raden Saleh lives with his own building in terms of buildings and techniques which are in accordance with his duties as a painter.

April 23, 1880 is history for the proud figure of our nation, passing away with various controversies has become a hot topic of discussion. However, our nation can be proud, thanks to Raden Saleh, Indonesia can produce the nation’s children with all their talents and creativity. His work can penetrate large museums such as the Dutch Rijkmuseum and the Louvre Paris.

Even after his death since the 18th century, his work is still admired and recognized by several foreign countries. Precisely in September 2011 the city of Dresden, Germany, has successfully held an exhibition of paintings by Raden Saleh.