In ancient times. in South Sulawesi there is a kingdom called the Luwu Kingdom. The kingdom was led by a king named La Busatana Datu Maongge who was usually called Datu Luwu. He is very wise, wise, and brave. Because of this, the people of that country live prosperously.

Datu Luwu has a very beautiful and friendly daughter. Her name is Princess Tadampalik. Her beauty and good character made her known to all corners of the country. This news also reached the ears of the King of Bone.

The King of Bone has a handsome and handsome son. Even though he is a crown prince, his speech is kind and polite. The King of Bone intends to propose to Princess Tandampalik for his son. He sent his entourage of officers to the Luwu Kingdom.

Hearing the news that a messenger from Bone would come to propose to his daughter, Datu Luwu was very confused. Every day, he was anxious about the proposal. According to Luwu custom, a daughter from Luwu may not marry a man outside her tribe. However, if he refused the proposal, there would definitely be a terrible war.

“OK. I will accept the proposal. Let me just be cursed by the god as long as my people don’t suffer. ” he said to himself.

A few days later, a messenger from the Bone Kingdom came to propose to Princess Tandampalik. They came very polite and friendly. Neither a troop of soldiers arrived nor a fleet of war at the port as previously thought.

Datu Luwu greeted him warmly. After they made their point, Datu Luwu did not immediately answer the proposal. The King of Bone’s envoy understood that. They finally returned to Bone.

How strange. The next day, Putri Tandampalik fell ill. His whole body was secreted with a thick, disgusting liquid that smelled rancid. The Royal Physicians were unable to heal Princess Tandampalik. Princess Tandampalik’s disease gets worse every day. if not immediately exiled, the people of Luwu would definitely be infected.

Datu Luwu got dizzy. He thought hard. After thinking for a while, he finally found a way to keep his people from catching his daughter’s disease. Putri Tandampalik had to be exiled from Luwu. It was the only right way, even though it was heavy and it was heartbreaking for Datu Luwu to let go of his daughter.

Putri Tandampalik went into exile accompanied by her loyal followers. Before leaving, Datu Lawu gave a heirloom keris to Putri Tandampalik. For months, Putri Tandampalik and her followers had sailed.

They arrived on a fertile island and cool air. Then, they pulled over. There, a follower of Putri Tandampalik found wajo fruit. Finally, the area was given the name Wajo. There they made small huts for living. They also started farming.

One day, while sitting on the edge of the lake Putri Tandampalik saw a white buffalo. He thought the buffalo would eat vegetables that were not far from that place, so the buffalo was driven away. But the more the buffalo was driven out, it was getting closer and finally lunged at Princess Tandampalik until she fainted. When she regained consciousness, it was absurdly shocked that Princess Tandampalik saw the buffalo licking the entire surface of her body which had started to rot.

After repeatedly being licked by the white buffalo, the disease in Princess Tandampalik’s body gradually healed and dried up so that it did not leave any marks at all. Because of this service, the white buffalo was then sacred and should not be slaughtered.

One night, Putri Tandampalik dreamed that a handsome young man approached her. The young man said that he was Princess Tandampalik’s mate. Putri Tandampalik was awake in sleep. He thought that the dream was a good sign for him.

Meanwhile, in the Land of Bone, the crown prince of the Bone Kingdom was busy hunting. He was accompanied by bodyguards and the commander of the Bone Kingdom named Anre Guru Pakanranyeng. Because he was too busy hunting, the crown prince got separated from his group. It was getting late, finally he had to spend the night in the forest. The crown prince tries to close his eyes, but the sounds of the night animals make it hard to sleep.

In the distance, the crown prince saw a beam of light from a village. Rushing he he headed to the source of the light. Arriving at the village, it was very late. He ventured into a hut that looked empty. However, how shocked he was when he saw a beautiful girl boiling water. The beautiful girl is Princess Tandampalik.

Ouch… .. how beautiful is this girl? Who the hell is he? ” thought the crown prince.

Feeling someone was watching, Putri Tandampalik looked back. How shocked Princess Tandampalik was to see a young man who was the same as in her dream at that time. Finally they met. Seeing the prince’s gentle and polite words made Princess Tandampalik amazed and interested. Likewise, the beauty and tenderness of Princess Tandampalik made the crown prince fall in love.

In the morning, the Commander of the War of the Kingdom of Bone, Anre Guru Pakanranyeng, along with the bodyguards of the crown prince yarvg felt that they had lost their master, very relieved to find the crown prince in the village. The Crown Prince must return to the kingdom.

Since parting with Princess Tandampalik, the prince’s heart was upset. He really missed Princess Tandampalik. I wanted him to live in Wajo Village and live together with Putri Tandampalik. Panglima Anre Guru Pakanyareng, who noticed the crown prince’s unusual attitude, then told the King of Bone what happened in Wajo Village. The King of Bone agreed to marry the prince to Princess Tandampalik. Then a messenger was sent to Wajo Village to propose to Putri

Tandampalik. When the messenger arrived at Putri Tandampalik’s hut, the proposal was not immediately answered. he only handed over the keris heirloom of the Lawu Kingdom that his father gave him to the envoy. Putri Tandampalik ordered that the keris be brought to the Luwu Kingdom. If the keris is well received by Datu Luwu then he will accept the proposal.

Knowing this, the crown prince immediately headed to the Luwu Kingdom. He went alone without being escorted by a soldier. With enthusiasm, he traveled quite a distance for several days. On arrival in the Luwu Kingdom, he told of his meeting with Princess Tandampalik. After that, the crown prince handed over the heirloom keris that was entrusted by Putri Tandampalik to Datu Luwu.

Datu Luwu and the empress were very happy to hear the news. Datu Luwu happily accepted the keris. Finally. go Datu Luwu and the empress along with the palace guards to Wajo Village. How happy they were when they met their most beautiful daughter who had been separated for quite a long time.

“Forgive father, son. Your father has exiled you for quite a long time, ”said Datu Lawu.

“There’s nothing to be forgiven for, Father. Ananda is actually happy because he can save the people of Luwu from infectious diseases, ”replied PutriTandampalik.

The next day, a wedding party between Princess Tandampalik and the Crown Prince of Bone Kingdom was held in Wajo Village. They live happily into old age. Her steadfast attitude to face calamities and great sacrifice made Putri Tandampalik more appreciated and respected by everyone.


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