In ancient times in the upper reaches of the Bintan river, a just king ruled. The people are prosperous and prosperous. However, unfortunately, the king did not have children even though he had been married for dozens of years.

One day the empress and the king went to fight at the mouth of the river and the empress, accompanied by the maids, took a bath in the river. I don’t know why the empress suddenly fell and fainted.

The king was very uneasy to see the condition of his empress. He called a healer, but the doctor did not treat it because the empress was a double. This news greatly pleased the king and empress and all his people.

When giving birth, the king and empress were surprised to see the child born in the form of a lokan. This incident was a disgrace to the king. The king was confused and embarrassed. There was a time of confusion that the royal object which had evil intentions on the king instigated the king so that the empress and likan were thrown into the forest far from work. Arriving in the forest, the empress felt very sad, scared and confused. It was in this confusion that he met Grandma Kebayan. It was at Grandma’s narrow Kebayan house that the empress spent time with her son lokan.

After 18 years in the forest, it seems that the lokan has developed according to its age. On the night of the full moon, a son appeared from the pool. How shocked the empress and she wondered who this handsome young man was. However, the son of the lokan immediately said that he was the purta empress who had appeared from inside the lokan. How emotional and happy the empress is.

Shortly thereafter, the two of them, namely the empress and her son, left for the kingdom. They wanted to meet the king and see the state of the royal city. They lived on the outskirts of the city and Putra Lokan disguised himself as a mobile merchant so he was somewhat free to enter the palace grounds.

From this disguise it was discovered that the king had been captured and detained by the treasurer and his followers in poisoned cisterns. This he told his mother. Then they planned to attack the treasurer.

At the right moment, Putra Lokan attacked and won. Then able to free the king from the poison cistern. The king felt very grateful for Putra Lokan. Then the king asked, “Who is the real young man?” Purta Lokan answered “Let my mother answer, soon Mother will come to the king”. After a while, the mother of Putra Lokan appeared and the king knew that the young man was his own son.


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