This is a past story about a child named Atan Comot who disobeyed his mother. Atan Comot was lost in the sea because his mother swore at him. This happened when Atan Comot, who was already very rich, was embarrassed to receive his favorite food when he was young, namely smoked borin with a latuh ulam. The incident occurred when Atan kicked the rusty tray containing the smoked borin and latuh ulam that his mother had brought. Then Atan hit his mother’s hand that was holding on to the edge of the boat so that her mother fell into her small boat and almost fell into the sea. Mrs. Atan was very sad, upset and angry. Then, Atan’s mother went to a rock in Tanjung Penyabung and prayed while holding her breasts. His prayer, “If it is true that the child on the boat is my son Atan, the child I have been carrying for nine months and ten days; the child that I have raised with my milk, something happened to him. After the prayer was finished, suddenly a thunder boomed and a violent wind came down and drowned Atan’s boat. Atan screamed for help and begged his mother for forgiveness, but it was too late. Atan was lost in the sea.

At this time, according to the story, whether true or not, if the wind was strong, a grandmother was seen standing on a rock and someone screamed. Come on, get a variety of interesting and fun Indonesian folk stories from


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