Indonesia has many types of traditional drinks. One of these traditional drinks is called Bir pletok. What is a pletok beer? Pletok beer is a typical Betawi drink made from a mixture of several spices, namely ginger, fragrant pandan leaves, and lemongrass. This traditional drink is known among Betawi ethnic groups. To make the color more attractive, the Betawi people usually use additional secang wood, which will give a red color when brewed with hot water.

Even though it contains the word beer, pletok beer does not contain alcohol. This drink is nutritious for improving blood circulation. The Betawi people consume a lot at night as a warmer.

This traditional drink has a history since the days of Dutch colonialism in Indonesia, many Betawi people are interested in trying beer like what western people drink. However, after seeing the effect it is not good because it is intoxicating and besides that it also violates religious teachings.

Because the Betawi people are known as devout Muslims, how many Betawi people try to mix beer that can warm the body, but is not intoxicating. Finally, pletok beer was created which tastes delicious, has the benefit of warming the body and has other properties that are also healthy for the body.

The benefits of ginger include:

  1. Able to relieve stomach pain and restore arthritis.
  2. Ginger is proven to be efficacious as a carminativum or it can stimulate gas from the stomach so that it can treat colds.
  3. Its body warms are also believed to reduce nausea, coughs and mild flu symptoms.
  4. Another study states that the protease and lipase enzymes contained in ginger function to break down protein and fat. This enzyme helps digest and absorb food thereby increasing appetite.
  5. Ginger also protects the digestive system by reducing stomach acidity. The acetone and methanol compounds in ginger are also able to inhibit irritation of the digestive tract. The benefit, stomach pain can be reduced by consuming ginger. Inflammation in arthritis / arthritis can also be treated by consuming lots of ginger because ginger inhibits the production of prostaglandins, hormones in the body that can trigger inflammation.
  6. Stimulates the release of the hormone adrenaline, which widens blood vessels so that the body warms up, blood flows more smoothly and blood pressure decreases.
  7. Ginger Also contains cineole and arginine compounds which can overcome premature ejaculation. These compounds also stimulate erections, prevent infertility and strengthen sperm resistance. Nothing wrong with people calling it aphrodisiac food or food that boosts sexual arousal, special isn’t it?
  8. Ovarian cancer treatment, ginger is one of the effective weapons in the treatment of ovarian cancer.
  9. Prevent colon cancer, because ginger can also slow the growth of colorectal cancer cells.
  10. Curing nausea due to pregnancy, observations from several studies show that ginger is as effective as vitamin B6 in overcoming nausea that is triggered by pregnancy.
  11. Relieves migraine, research has found, ginger can relieve migraine pain by stopping the work of prostaglandins, which cause pain and inflammation of the blood vessels.
  12. Relieves cramps, in the Chinese medicine system, ginger is also used to treat menstrual cramps.

So are you interested in trying to drink traditional drinks from Indonesia that nourish your body? Come on, visit Indonesia.


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