Indonesian culinary is very diverse and delicious. One of the various culinary delights is Pickled Yellow. Pickled Yellow is a vegetable processed food originating from Maluku.

Yellow pickles are made from various vegetables, such as cucumbers, carrots and onions. All these ingredients are soaked in a sour sauce. This menu is a complement when eating various other culinary delights. However, in Maluku, bamboo shoots are used as a basic ingredient, which is known as pickled yellow.

The raw materials for this food are bamboo shoots, bay leaves, pineapple, cucumber, red chilies, shallots, and young winged beans. Some ingredients must be mashed first. All ingredients are sauteed together until they look cooked. Yellow pickles can also be used as a meal complement. Are you interested in eating this food? Come on, visit Indonesa and get other interesting information from


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