Madiun City is a city in East Java Province, Indonesia. The city is located 160 km west of Surabaya, or 111 km east of Surakarta, Central Java. In this city there are many culinary treasures that have delicious flavors and of course make you addicted.

Madiun has a culinary wealth that has a delicious taste. One of the culinary delights that we will discuss is Pecel Madiun. What is Pecal Madiun? How does it feel to eat these traditional foods?

Pecel Madiun is a traditional food consisting of boiled vegetable variants and side dishes sprinkled with peanut sauce and lime juice. Pecel Madiun has become a culinary icon that is proud of the people there.

When viewed from its appearance, Madiun’s Pecel is almost the same as the typical pecel dish. But what makes this Madiun Pecel special is the addition of kaffir lime to the peanut sauce, giving it a very distinctive aroma and taste.

Besides that, if you pay attention, the vegetables in Madiun Pecel are more complete. This Madiun pecel usually consists of various boiled vegetables such as long beans, turi flowers, sprouts, kenikir, spinach, cassava leaves, and papaya leaves.

In addition, there are other ingredients such as Chinese petai, basil, and chopped roasted. The ingredients are then poured with peanut sauce made from peanuts, chilies, brown sugar and kaffir lime. This Madiun pecel is then served along with rice, peyek and various side dishes such as tempeh, tofu, empal meat, fried egg or salted egg according to taste.

Pecel Madiun has a sweet and savory taste that fits perfectly. Pecel Madiun has peanut sauce that is not too runny and has the aroma of kaffir lime from the peanut sauce so that this food has a delicious taste.

In Madiun, of course, it is very easy to find these traditional foods. For the price of one serving of Pecel Madiun, it is relatively cheap, depending on the side dish you want. Apart from being a folk food, Pecel Madiun is also very popular with tourists who come there.

So, are you interested in trying to eat Pecel Madiun? Come on, take a vacation to Madiun and try to enjoy its culinary wealth.


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